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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    You know beloved, the best way to get to know and sum up someone, meaning to know the quality of a person is, which is being watched and study, is to observe that person attitude and behavior and you pretty much will come to know whether or not that person can be trusted to be Truthful and Honest, not only with you but with anybody, those two behaviors reveal the dignity or indignation of the person, you can come to know if the person is a Liar and a Deceiver or if the person is a Truthful and Honest revealing person, whether the person is of Divine Quality or of Profane Habits.

    Beloved, I have said that to share this with you concerning people with a reputation for oppressing Black People and people with a reputation for taking advantage of Black People who are ignorant of the Divine Truth concerning the Cause that is the Effect that have Black People resting in a Go-For Mentality, you know, go for any and everything that is told to us, without us having the ability and interest to check for the Divine Truth of that which is constantly told to us by White People, the Jewish people a Phylum of White People and the Arabian People, they being the three branches of white people that has a history of lying and deceiving Black People, and you also has a member of the Black Race Nation that have under-gone a Mental Mutation, and they are the Mental Substratum of those that are Black People Primary oppressors, they that are today, the Master Propagandist and an expert in releasing dis-information, information that is dissociated from the Divine Truth of the matter that is being spawned in Black people Mutated Mind.

    Take for instance the presence of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, the man is a master strategist and Tactician in unveiling Lies and acts of Deception and you who saw and heard him yesterday, you were witnessing a Star in the midst of a Meteor Belt which is in action, but has no set Direction that lead to a Divine Revolution around a Star, meaning motion of Travel that is in Harmony, Order and Balance, the behavior that is revealed by the Planets that revolve around the Star-Sun, so with the United States and all of its Media Surrogates being liken to being the Meteor Belt and the President of Iran not being Hit by all of that wild Meteor like, media action.

    The United States are a Master at the usage of Propaganda and the dispersing of Dis-information about an event that is or having had taken place and even when they know that you have been privileged to witness the unfolding of the Event of which they are choosing to Spin, Propagandize, and mis-inform through the use of dis-information, about the event that you have actually witnessed, now such an effort of behavior shows the highest of disrespect for the Target that the Propaganda and Dis-information is directed toward, which is primarily the american Public and especially Black americans, we who are constantly bombarded with america propaganda and constantly fed dis-information, which is why Black americans are in the Mental condition we are now in and Black americans display an attitude and behavior of don't care.

    So, with the attitude and behavior that america showed toward the President of Iran, it should have sent a very luminous vision of who and what america really is, yet that is the american character Black people Love and Respect, with a desire to become just like White america, how pitiful and foolish we Black americans are, as we are educated by the propaganda and Dis-information that is fed to the american public, they who are so Propaganda intoxicated and Mentally Delusional, until there has not been an Aamerican Republic for a mighty long Time, meaning that america United States Corporation, is now and always has been controlled from without, so call america, by a World Tribunal referring to themselves as the Illuminati and most Black People do not know what that represent and the other half do not believe that to be True and that is why I say, when you do not Think, you set yourselves up to believe any and everything told to you Black Folks, we who are fed a diet of Propaganda and Dis-information about our status in america, not to mention the world.

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, even when he was speaking so eloquent in behalf of his people, Friends and Relatives, he spoke with honor about the Right of all people to be Free to pursue their Nation Desires and Dreams, uninhibited, yet I hold all Nations with a history of oppressing the Black World, under suspection, because I observe the attitude and behavior of Nations toward the Black Nation and not what Nations say, because it is the attitude and behavior that serve as the True Spirit of a Being, which reveal the quality of Mind that the Nations are operating from.

    Black People in america, you who are here from the travel of the Middle Passage, you now serve to be a target of a major america and World oppressors plot, to forever stagnate the Mind we now use, created by the Master Propagandist and dispersers of Dis-information to the Black World about GOD, Universe, and our Black Selves, so here we Black Folks are, no longer in possession of our Divine Mind and now has become a danger to our Black selves and that danger can be observed and recognized by the way Black People now act and behave in the world, yet the determining factor that reveal the quality and character of the Being, and because of that fact, it prove that Black people have undergone a Mental Mutated Transformation, because the Spirit of the Black Womb Gender and Staff- Gender, goddess and gods we once were, but now is no more, prove that those people now claiming to be Black and Afrikan, are not the same people that came out from the Loins of our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, the difference, well it is in our Spirit we project, verifying the attitude and behavior we now express, which verify that the Mind that is projecting all of these Mental Dynamics are not the Mind given to us by our Divine First Way Ancestors, meaning we no longer have the Mental Gift of accurately receiving and interpreting the Divine Information that is without stopping, proceeding from the Divine Soul, the Divine Energy Intelligence, the Eternal Infinite Essence that Reveal all and everything That IS And Is Not, Looked Upon, or Seen.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you


    Chief Elder
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