Black People : The Power of our Dollar

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    Collectively we rate amongst the great economic powers on the planet Earth. With a contribution of approximately $400 to $600 billion dollars per year to the American economy (that's correct, I said billion), we’ve taken for granted the impact of our true voting power.

    In the early 1980’s Chrysler Corporation was on the verge of bankruptcy and the federal government had determined that based on free market conditions, the loss of the automaker and subsequent jobs would be absorbed, at that time, by the other big two (2), Ford and GM.

    Jesse Jackson, before he sold us all down the river, went to Lee Iacocca (then CEO of Chrylsler) and offered the following solution. If Chrysler would allow Black-Americans to participate in upper management, be given dealerships, sit on the board of directors and become major suppliers of components, he would call a national boycott and Black-America would only buy Chrysler automobiles. (I happened to work for a small black owned firm that was attempting to sell chemicals to Chrysler at the time but the good ole' boys would not allow us to participate).

    GM and Ford raced to the powers that be, who understood their dilemma, and a subsequent bailout of loan guarantees were proffered by the federal government.

    Shortly thereafter, a major brewer faced the same dilemma, ie, if you don't allow us to participate, we won't buy your beer. Their response was to award Jesse, his family members and minion’s distributorships hence began his sell-out of us all.

    Until last year, even NASCAR, the bastion of Black-American participation (sorry sarcasm off now), fell to his threat and paid him approximately $250,000/year, indirectly through corporate shells controlled by Mr. Jackson, not to boycott sponsors of their enterprise.

    Now if Jesse can “shake-down” corporate America with the threat of boycott, which he could probably never pull off, what does that say about our economic power?

    We may not be the basis of American corporate entities existence, but we seem to be everyone’s profit margin.

    Shall we begin to vote with our dollars? Shall we target one company and see the result? What’s to lose?...any suggestions?...
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    I think that people in white america
    Just fears Jesse like they feared Malcom
    They feel like the man has too much power
    So when he yealling boycott they get scared
    They dont want there company or organization
    On national tv looking as if there is hatred towards blacks
    They have seen things like the Million Man March rallies
    Things in the early times and feel that if something like
    That was to happen to there company they would never recover
    Just like when Oprah wanted everyone to stop
    Going to that one store cause they wouldnt let Oprah in
    They had to beg Oprah to come back and make a national
    Annoucement saying that they were sorry so we have power
    Economically we have the power to shift the economy in more ways than one
    There would bge a ripple effect I believe though but
    Im not sure if that effect would be good or bad though