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    Hoteph beloved Sisters and brothers:

    Every now and then you have to acknowledge that there are many Black Folks who love to live their life playing the great pretender and by being pretentious, it allow them to reflect on what they wish their life to be instead of what actually the Black Life is confronted with in this evil world and so the great pretenders of Black people lose their life by pretending that their life is as they wish it to be and they begin to look unfavorable on those Black people who are Mentally brave enough to face the reality of the Black life situation and fact the fact about who cause the Black Life to be in the condition it is in as I speak.

    Now this is not to say that I do not think that there has come a Time now when Black folks need to take the necessary action that will bring about a constructive change to our Life, but the fact remain that others are the cause of the Black present Life condition, we must facesuch a fact, that is if we have not allowed our Mind to be eroded into living a life of illusion, sitting on a pedestal of wishful believing using only our sense to direct our life by, and not our Thoughtful sense.

    There are those Black folks that will attempt to have Black people to believe and not Think, that all is well in this evil world concerning Black people and that the reason that Black people are still experiencing the hardship and acts of lies and deception in our black Life is because we just do desire to live a life no different than what we are being exposed to live.

    So, in other words, all of the opportunity the Black Life need to change our present life condition is available to us, so the lying believer say, and now it is Black People that is sensing our oppression and by sensing our oppression we are told to believe that we are the victim of our own victimization and I am here to inform all Black People who desire to Think, that no greater Life is attempting to be sold to you about the cause of our victimization, and those lies tell us that we should not stop from pointing a condemning finger at ourselves for being the cause of our victimization in the world and yes, our victimization in the world is a fact of the Black life but we most certainly did not originate the crime that now have Black People in the condition our Life is now experiencing today.

    Beloved, any so call Black Afrikan that will suggest that our present life condition is nobody fault but ours, are those Black so call Afrikans who have a Fetish love for those that are responsible for our Life condition, both past and present because you see beloved, it is the Black World that is under constant attack by those in the world that now occupy a position of Power and Authority and they do now control the World belief system, so if you are a Black so call Afrikan saying that Black Folks are responsible for our own oppression, then that is the way you have been conditioned to believe and the only way you can believe such lies and acts of deception is that you no longer operate under the energy of your Divine Mind and now serve to be a victim of the Human Being Mind.

    Black so call Afrikans every where is the target of White, Arab and Jewish oppression and now there are other lesser forces of Ethnic groups that has signed on to be copy cats of the Trinity of Evil that oppresses Black people, so do not buy into the Black Manchurian candidates under the control of the Trinity of evil, those that cause the abuse of the Black Life in the world today, the Black Manchurian Candidates can not help themselves from painting such a glorious picture of those that has a History of oppressing Black people as they attempt to cause you to believe that you Black people are responsible for the Life condition Black people are experiencing today in this evil world that is so focus on Black People to keep us ignorant and divided.

    The Honorable Marcus Garvey Work speak for itself, we Garveyites only come to serve as evident that the seed of Black Nationalism that the Honorable Marcus Planted, did in fact took root and now we rise to rebuke all who attempt to evilly scar the Name and Work of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and because the oppressors have succeeded in keeping the work of the Honorable Marcus from becoming known openly by the Black Masses, such a reality require us Garveyites to rebuke those who attempt to raise their ugly lying head in order to defame the Greatest Black Leaders to come this way in the Last Century, so no, Garvey need no defending, just verification by us Garveyites who are qualified and obligated to rebuke all lies that attempt to rise to harm the Work and image of the Honorable Marcus Garvey.

    So beloved, the positive effect of Black folks Thought about our Victimization is that we know the Social-Economic, Political, Education, and Religious structure of this Evil World and who it is that Control those principles that now dictate to our Human Being Mind as to how we are to behave in our Black Life and that is why in this New Dispensation of Time, a Time we now refer to as the Time of Enlightenment, and because there are those Black People among us that now have reconnected to our Genetic Root of our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ancient First Way Black Ancestors, meaning we no longer operate under the guidance of the Human Being Mind but under the Divine Mind of our Ancient First Way Ancestors, such Enlightenment give us the Mental ability to defy all that come claiming that Black Folks are our own cause for our present Life condition, not so beloved and there is no silver lining waiting for Black Folks who remain enclosed in the Human Being Mind because in such a Mind it will mislead Black folks to believe with their senses, that all is well with us and that there are no one causing our present status in the world today but us Black Folks, beloved do not buy into such an evil lie as that.

    Now what I must share with you, is what I have been sharing with you from day one since I came into your presence on this World Wide Net and that is, Black folks must defy and deny all of the oppressors Religion, because that is the Virus that cause you to become the Black Manchurian candidates that we have become and as long as we are controlled Mentally by our oppressors, we will not be able to see the wisdom in self control, Black Self Collective Independence, Unity of the Black World, a Need to create our own environment and control it, the Spiritual significant of our Ancestors coming locked into the institution of Chattel Slavery, Reparation, Our need to return back to our original Domicile , The Children of the Middle Passage Right to become the next established State in Afrika, Our obligation to Sanctify the proclamation of the Honorable Marcus Garvet, Afrika Is for The Black Afrikan, and the Rise of a United Black Afrikan Nation, now that beloved is our Divine Truth and the obligation that come to us to make it so.

    Away with all of this sick and evil advocating of Race Assimilation, Religious Submission and consenting victimization to the Human Being lowly Mental status, within a Divine Universe.

    Black Folks Must Unite or proceed as you are !!!

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The Divine Truth

    Here Is Loving You
    Chief Elder
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