Chief Elder Osiris : The Poor We Must Not Have With Us Always!!!

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Precious hearts here is the Black situation in america, I choose to center
    in on the AfroDescendants in america because I know how important we are to
    the rest of the Carbon Afrikan Family.

    Also,you see, my concentration is exclusively centered on the Black family
    in america and the Afrikan family in general, regarding the cause and effect
    our abusive treatment have on us and we still suffer from those abuses
    that is still being inflicted upon us, as we suffer from the pain we now
    are experiencing as Black poor people in america.

    A drowning man should not be concerned with another drowning man, whose
    family members are different from my own and with the drowning happening at
    the same place and at the same time, each is of no help to the other, so my
    concentration is set on how I can save myself ( family ) from drowning and
    when I am successful, then I can be of service to the other who is drowning.

    Within the Carbon Afrikan Family, we have two class of poor people, one who
    is rich with material possession and the other who does not have the riches
    of material possession and yet the two have a common bond in a condition of
    being poor and that is, all Black folks be they in the Diaspora, Europe,
    Asia and Afrika, is poor by not being in possession of our own Afrikan

    So you see the likes of a Bill Cosby is a rich but yet poor Spiritual man
    because such a description fits us Carbon Afrikan without class distinction.

    The Carbon Afrikan, vigorously embrace the doctrine which so proclaim under
    its canopy of Religion, which purport to be God representation of salvation,
    such religion imply that poor people is a given, in other word it is
    appropriate to have a condition where people will not have the opportunity
    to be peaceful, joyful, bathing in the sun of Justice nor ever having the
    opportunity to experience the sovereignty of Life.

    The religion of the devil so state, the poor we shall have with us always
    and I so declare, such an affirmation is only true in following the doctrine
    that is grounded in lies, fantasy and hypocrisy.

    There is information that has been stolen from the Carbon Afrikan Nation
    and by such theft has caused an entire Nation to descend into the abyss of
    poverty, disease, clothed in ignorance about God, Universe and Self and
    such ignorance is prevalent among all Carbon Afrikans, regardless of how
    much of the worldly material possession we might have been allowed to
    accumulate, at the permission of those who now sit in the seat of authority
    and do control the belief system we so religiously worship.

    I have come to so declare, that the poor we must not have with us always,
    for it is not written in the annals of Ancient Afrikan texts of our Primeval
    Carbon Afrikan Ancestors.

    To attack the poor is to attack God and sanctify evil. The poor is man made
    but the riches ( Truth ) of the Soul is of God.

    It is the fool who say, being poor is an act of self neglect, lack of
    imitative and from having a inability to speak correct English, caused only
    by the poor ourselves.

    Such kind of being poor is based entirely on the people inability to
    accumulate great amount of material possessions, which is measured as
    success and being in that kind of condition is caused by an environment that
    is not conducive to the Soul - Mind, body and Spirit of Black people, which
    have no authority nor is in control of our life condition in america nor in
    any other parts of the world.

    A statement such as, the poor we shall have with us always and such a
    statement being contributed to God, should serve as a clear indictment of
    those who created such a line and do enforce it in order for it to appear to
    be true.

    It is a fool who accept a doctrine contributing God to have created a caste
    system of poor people, knowing that the poor live in misery and is unable to
    have anything to look forward to, in the name of Justice.

    Again I say to you my dear beloved, Reparation is our Ark that will deliver
    the poor from evil and that evil teaches that the poor must resolve to being
    poor, stating such a condition can not be eradicated from among the Hue -
    Man Family, allowing some among us to believe that there is divinity in the
    term talented tenth among us Blacks in america and they are those who
    criticize the other ninety percent of us for being what the oppressors God
    has so decreed, the poor shall forever be with us.

    It's a rotten Spirit that breed the condition of poor people and it is the
    enemy of God, making it a contradiction in belief, to criticize what God has
    so declared to be, under the canopy of the white man religion I mean,which
    require you not to think,just believe.

    We must work to make it so that the poor, we must not have with us always
    and a return to our Nubian Theology is the first step to defying such an
    evil statement about the poor whom the oppressors have created to be and not

    Reparation / Repatriation ( Exodus ) and the establishing of the
    AfroDescendants next additional State back in our original domicile, will be
    the steps needed to carry out the instruction of our Ancient Carbon Afrikan
    Ancestors instruction to its fullest and that is knowledge of self bring
    enlightenment about the Soul and the Spirit will make manifest the knowledge
    about the true God in and beyond the Universe, clothed in that holy eternal
    mass of Darkness, which is the only entity that wear the badge of infinity
    and is of eternity.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation!!!

    Only The Devil Is Displeased With This Message.

    Complete Love To The Carbon Afrkan Nation.


    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - Afrika Inter'National Movement
    Host Of The Harambee Radio Network
    Exodus Talk Show
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    ur speaking truth here keep teaching us