Chief Elder Osiris : The Politics Of Racism Under The Disguise Of Constitutional Democratic Capitalism

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    The Politics Of Racism Under The Disguise Of Constitutional Democratic Capitalism

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Let us get one thing understood and that is, America constitution has no respect for Black people, you were only a slave beast in America when America was founded to become a federation of states for the protection and betterment of white people and not Black people.

    So, any Americanism of Black people are not constitutional but of an act of being grandfathered into being included in America as citizens.

    Black people in America, here by way of the Middle passage is only a constitutional amendment American citizen, and any Black person who would take such an act of disrespect toward Black people do not happen to be a people who have no self respect nor did dignity to be on display about the Black Body self.

    You Black people who are the children of the Middle passage, you did not come to America with the show and treatment of respect with dignity, you are not immigrants to America, you are just an uncommon Black slave with no desire to identify with your Ancestors Home Land on this planet, which is Afrika.

    Black people rather to be treated like a slave in order to be an American grandfathered.

    We in America whose Ancestors were Enslaved in America are self confessed American citizen, looked upon as only an after thought for consideration to be A constitutional amendment Negro American citizen, as if to be a people without a continent to call your own, how pitiful and sad of a Black people we have been made to be, just to be considered as an American citizen without all of the Freedom of Rights that accompany such citizenship to an American, being in America.

    Black people, you are a unique people and you need to start thinking of yourself as such and stop acting as you are treated by white America, a people in want of consideration by white people to be Americans.

    Tell me, what does it profit a person to be America and lose Afrika, the place and Homeland of your Enslaved Ancestors, the place which you do not give a **** about, but love the place stolen to be America and did enslave your Afrikan Ancestors, which is why you now are in America calling yourselves American citizens, while never been treated with respect and allowed to have dignity about your Black Afrikan selves, which has no effect upon you, none whatsoever.

    America United States Corporate Federal government is set upon stolen land and I do not wish to be a party to such a Thieving crime, so to hell with America citizenship and give me freedom in Afrika my original place of domicile so designated by our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors.

    Black people in America, stop looking so much and have yourselves to come to see all that is around you and all that it take in order for you to become a grandfathered by Amendment American citizen, making it to be a hand me down second hand citizenship which nobody opposite you have respect for your Black Body life, as you become the victim of The Politics Of Racism, Under The Disguise Of Constitutional Democratic Capitalism.

    Black people in America, here by way of the Middle passage, you have come to be in a state of self denial in order to become an American citizen, you are not allowed to show respect to Afrika or your Black Body self, which is the requirement for you to become accepted as an American cirizen.

    Which is that, you must subscribe to becoming a part of America multiculturalism and assimilation process, a socio-political act of Racism, as it download you as a complete different Black people than you were at the coming of your presence in America federated, to become united states, to it becoming a corporate America product, as you now consider your Black Afrikan selves to be a citizen of America, and I ask for what, and Why?

    Have you not noticed how America now is treating Barack Obama, one who never has been accepted to be president of corporate America, but only to be just a stooge sitting in the Jewish people white house, he never having had the intent, the want, nor the power of a commander and chief to do anything constructive for Black people in America, whose Afrikan Ancestors were enslaved to come to America as beasts to support and build white people a country in North America, which has become to be considered as the United States of America.

    Tea party, progressive, liberal, moderate, conservative, independent, all in America politics are Racist in their implementation of belief, because all do not give a **** about you Black people, just as you do not give a **** about Afrika, meaning you do not give a **** about your Black Afrikan selves, and most certainly Jewish White America does not give a **** about Barack Obama, the Mulatto without a Race to call his own.

    I hold no sympathy for the way Racism politics are treating Obama while he is masquerading as president of United States Corporate America, as you now are witnessing Obama bow down and crawl life the Dog, which America has revealed him to become as he so admitted his being treated as such, as he wiggle his tail in agreement of submission to his lord and master, the Racism of America politics.

    Beloved, I would become a devout voting card carrying political participating Black unhyphenated Afrikan American, if anyone can show to me one Liberating thing that Obama has done for Black people in America, here by way of the middle passage, since he been allowed to masquerade as president of America United States.

    The Greatest Masqueraders in America happen to be Black people pretending to be Citizen of America, and to have a place of political legitimacy in America politics, yet is always striving to be acknowledged by white America as an important player in America politics.

    Observe how America politics are acted out, the just now mid term election is a wonderful example of America Racist politics at work.

    You have different factions expressing Racist political strategies in the game of America politics, democratic capitalism swarming all around the America constitution, claiming to be about the America founding fathers and their America constitution and Bill Of Rights, all pertaining to white Americans and not Black grandfathered Citizens Americans.

    Yet, there are Black Americans, you are always struggling to find a crack to slide through in that America Constitution Document Armor, so that a feeling of acceptance can become a part of the Black Afrikan American Masquerade.

    Socialist Communism now being claimed to be President Obama America agenda, accused to be changing America as he so promised to you that he would do, and so you are observing the action of the faction of the New World Order and the America Republic Patriots, nothing to do with Black people as for as Freedom and Justice to become a pleasure in the Black Body life.

    So Black people, you go ahead and continue to run around in America pretending to be a intelligent functioning Citizen of America, as Racism Prejudice follow Black people every where we go in America, as Black people seem to be trying to prove to white people that Black people do not give a **** about Afrika, just give a **** about America.

    Well let me attempt to give a Divine Reality Check to Black people who are wards of America, Racism is without a Divine Mind, thus with the profane Mind of Racism, there is no conscious of Remorse or Guilt.

    So, all that America has done to Black people oppressively, there is no guilt, because a Racist Mind justifies the way it act toward Black people when practicing politics in America, and this apply to the Left and Right in the game of America politics.

    Any Ethnic Group in America that is without power or the opportunity to gain power in America, is a slave Ethnicity, and it happen to be Black people who will never be regarded as a powerful force in America, never will be allowed to have authority or to have control over anything in America, including your Black do not give a **** about Afrika, Self.

    You do not have to accept what I share in this regard as it being Divinely True, you just take off Lucifer Profane Mind and make an effort to look to see the present position and condition of the Black Afrikan in the world, be it East or West, North or South, There are no Black People who are in authority nor control one movement of the Black so call Afrikan Life.

    Playing Citizenship is entirely different from Living citizenship, and citizenship that carry freedom, independence, justice and Sovereignty of Life, concerning the Black Body Life, can only take place to be enjoyed in Afrika and will only come through obtaining your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, like it or not.

    You know Beloved, Black people believe they be looking pretty by not giving a **** about Afrika and loving every where Afrika is not.

    Such is the Spirit of a Foolish Afrikan trying to be American for the sake of those who oppress Black people, as they play their game of Racist politics in America.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

    [email protected]