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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder osiris

There will never be unity in Afrika among Black people as long as we operate under the illusion of geographical segregation, using a nonfunctional claim of Afrikan Unity among created so call Afrika countries that consist of a variety of systems of government rule that is flawed.

There is only One Afrika Continent consisting of One Country of People in Afrika and they are people of the same Genetic Afrika Phenotype, an Afrika Country that has been made to become a divided un-natural configuration of acquired Ethnic groups without Natural definable genetic difference, just a Land partitioned separate cultural identity, a people made to believe that land separation is to define who we Black so call Afrikans are, and not genetics Continental Afrika identity.

There is no Black so call Afrikan that is a foreigner to the Land of Afrika, we who now reside in phony created boundary lines that partition the Land Continent of Afrika.

We now have a Universal Afrikan Afrika continential Black people, now taking on a Geographical identity, instead of a Natural Genetic Identification, an identification that verify that Land location does not define the Being, it only identify the location of the Being, so there is no Genetic Phenotype difference between a South Afrikan and a Zimbabwean or a Congolese and a Ugandan of a Ghanaian and a Nigerian, or a Ethiopian and a Somalian, in other word, All Black Folks that occupy the land referred to as Afrika, you are not Foreign to that Land but is a Native of all of that Land now referred to as Afrika and any so call Black Afrikan who perpetuate the Myth of Black So call Afrikans being a Foreigner to themselves based on being placed in separate Partitioned Land in Afrika and calling it a separate country, any so call Afrikan who further such a Lie, happen to be an enemy unto self and therefore is an enemy to the Black Afrika Nation.

When I speak of Afrikans Right to be Xenophobia toward people in Afrika, it is in reference to be such toward those and to all people who now occupy that Land referred to as Afrika, they having a history of Lying to and Deceiving Black People, they with a different genetic Coat from those with a genetic coat that describe the Phenotype of the Natural and common People whose stay in Afrika is beyond Measure and whose Kind extend way beyond the Land call Afrika and this planet.

How in the Hell can a People with the same Gene Base be referring to each other as Foreigners of a Land where we all came to be at the same Time, unless something has been done to your Mind, and a Mind that draw a difference between each other based upon some phony Boundary Lines drawn by People who started out to act to separate and confuse the Mind of a People who started out with a Unified Mind, those people are the Human Being you black folks now imitate, you no longer being a People who started out with the Knowledge of Whom you are and now you have ended up with a belief of whom you are not, yet claim to be, and because of such a separating belief, you now witness Black Folks making distinction between each other based on where our Black Behind has been separated to be in a Common Location on this Earth and that Location is referred to as Afrika the Country Continent.

As long as Black so call Afrikans are made to be suspicious of each other in Afrika, and to wear the Trinity of Evil ( Vain Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, all Wrapped in Malice ) we Afrikans that express such a Spirit toward each other, a spirit that has been created, fashioned, molded to be expressed in a condescending and profane way toward each other, and have you to believe evilly toward each other, simple because we have been conditioned to believe that Land claim of Identity take precedent over genetic Identity, we are lost without a desire to be founded.

So, as long as such a fallacy claimed by us to be True, such is allowed to be the rule of your Brand New Mind and that is why Afrika will dissolved to take on a new geographical meaning and the Black So Call Afrikan will continue to descend into the Cess - Pool of Self ignorance, claiming to be foreigners to each other, such claim being based on where we have been placed in A Land that Once was One to our Ancient First Way Ancestors and they did Fight to Rejoin the Land when ever it came to be Divided by Foreign Invaders, a responsibility we Black so call Afrikans have to Afrika, to our First Way Ancestors, and to ourselves today, which is to reunite the Land of Afrika and the First People to come to occupy such Land must become united again as well, in Afrika.

Beloved, as long as there is a continuation of the acquired Tribal Ethnic so call Afrika boundary identification of Black so call Afrikans, and by continuing to do so, we black People will continue to empower the very people that have caused our Phony way of identifying ourselves as Black so call Afrikan People and to be ignorant of who we Black People are today.

So if Black Folks are going to be Xenophobic, then learn who is the Correct Target to focus upon in Afrika and the Diaspora World.

Be Kind To Your Self

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism


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