Chief Elder Osiris : The Polarity Of The Black Mind

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved I mean no disrespect to anyone but the Truth must be told as I know
    it to be and I do realize your right to challenge what I say and let the
    rational Minds of the Black Afrikans be the final judge of the sanity of my

    I am in competition with no one and my race is with only Time.

    Well now my dear beloved, you know Black Afrikans never cease to amaze me,
    because we are so Mental sterile, to the point that we are ,many of us,
    incapable of thinking, visualizing or dreaming of how we use to be and what
    we can become again, as a control thinking Black Afrikan people.

    As it is now, we measure what can be when it come to the Black Afrikan,
    based on what and how white folks would think and react to a well control
    Black Afrikan Mind.

    Have you ever notice the so call Black intellectuals, how they speak with
    such authority when stating what can and can not be in regard to us Black

    Well those of us who speak with such a mental defect is destine to remain a
    replica of what we Black Afrikans use to be and is a true representative of
    a segment of the Black Afrikan Family, whose Mind is totally under the
    control of the oppressors, as that segment foolishly proclaim to be of a
    high intelligence.

    Such is why I state in my messages to you my dear beloved, I have come to
    share with you what must be of the Black Afrikan and you may accept or
    reject and I move on, because I have no Time to waste with Black Minds that
    are totally under the control of the oppressors of Black People.

    You see dear beloved, there use to be One mind with the Black Afrikans and
    now since our fall from such a centralized thinking process, we have
    developed a Mind with two poles, one with the thinking order that drive us
    to be free and the other that drive us to remain a fool under the control of
    those who have oppressed our natural ability to think with a mind we Black
    Afrikans control.

    So what we have here today among the Black Afrikan Family, is a polarity of
    the Black Mind, one operate on a regressive scale of belief while the other
    operate on a progressive scale of conceived knowledge, one require faith in
    what the oppressors think, while the other require us to know what we Black
    Afrikans think, thus the polarity of the Black Mind.

    Beloved when you see and hear of a Black Afrikan who can not comprehend the
    thought, concept and idea of the children of the middle passage ever
    returning home to Afrika as an independent State and base their insidious
    believing, on the attitude and behavior of the oppressors of Black Afrikan
    People, you are witnessing the mind that has been under hauled to believe
    everything that proceed out of the Mind of our devilish oppressors.

    Why is it that the regressive Mind of the Black Afrikan, portraying
    themselves as intelligent, speak with such authority about why it is that
    the Children of the middle -passage as well as the Black Afrikan Nation will
    not ever become free and independent again? and when you hear such garbage,
    you are witnessing the polarity of the Black Mind, no longer able to have an
    original thought and yet refer to themselves as intelligent.

    Beloved do you not know that intelligence represent order? and is not the
    Universe an orderly entity, which move not in a straight line as an
    oppressed Mind does but move in circular motion as the original Black mind
    does and is it not reasonable to think, that everything does not remain the
    same and that there is not one thing that is New Under the Sun, thus making
    it an original and orderly thought to call for the Liberation of the
    children of the middle passage and for us to return Home to Afrika and this
    devilish white man does not have final authority over what the Universe has
    so ordained to be?

    Yet the polarized Mind of the negro Afrikan will call such thinking fantasy
    jibblish, not realizing that every Time they speak in opposition to
    Reparation/Repatriation and the children of the middle passage, does in fact
    have a Right to become the next additional State in Afrika, they speak
    through the eyes and Mind of the oppressors and call it sanity, when in fact
    it represent insanity, proof of a once great people gone blind? well a
    segment of us have.

    Have you ever wondered my beloved why is it that the nay Sayers on anything
    that infer to our Liberation among the Black Afrikan, sound so sure of
    themselves in their objection, well it is because they speak with the
    polarized Mind of the oppressors and call it intelligent thought, without
    proof of order, and such is the Mind thinking of a happy slave who hate the
    self of their Being.

    Beware of those who advise you to remain a negro slave to this devilish
    oppressors, wanting you to never think outside of the oppressors mental

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    Can it be that the negro is destine for perpetual dependency upon the
    oppressors, as they advise us True Black Nationalist to desire the same?

    It Is The Black Fool That Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( OSIRIS )

    Come Now Beloved, Let Us Reason together And Let the Believer Be damned,
    Because to Believe Is to Depend on The thoughts Of This devilish Oppressor,
    About the black Afrikan nation.

    I Come, I Share, You Either accept Or Reject, I Move On!!!

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist, Political Revolutionary

    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement