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May 7, 2009
2012 London 100 Meter! Wow!




Ms Allyson Felix, Ms. Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce, & Ms. Blessing Okagbare!


She's My Heart! Ms. Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce!

This is one of my all time favorite pass times; watching women in track and field sports. In my opinion, this is the ultimate Beauty Pageant. I believe that beauty should not be just how a person looks in the face, but it should include spirit and physical fitness. And notwithstanding, when you put women on the track field for a foot race, Oh My God!-- Black women absolutely shine! Flo Jo will always have a special place in my heart and I believe that she has opened the door for so many women of color to make it to the field with confidence that they can reach great heights of achievements. Today, I have many all time favorite women athletes. Merlene Ottey is so awesome, she is so, so pretty. I love to watch her run, and I don’t dislike her any less for questioning the run time of Flo Jo. I also love Allyson Felix, she is so incredibly pretty and striking with her presence. In my opinion, she is tops for beauty in Mind, Body Soul. When she runs, she seems to define pretty and power at the same time. I will always be cheering on my USA team and along with them, I’m always looking for the girls from Jamaica to be on that track. I have extended family members from Jamaica so I’m always looking for Jamaica to be in the top. I’ve been keeping tabs for a few years and just recently realized that this past spring, my all time favorite has shined again-- Ms. Shelley Ann Frasier-Pryce.

The line up this year though really did seem like a beauty pageant because just about all of my favorites were on the line. Ms. Blessing Okagbare, Wow! She is just fabulous. She is so pretty and she really does look like a beauty queen. Then there is Ms. Carmelita Jeter, Ms. Veronica Campbell-Brown, Ms. Miriam Soumare, Ms. Murielle Ahoure and so many more of my favorites that competed in the past and this year as well. All of the women have like, these gorgeous bodies and their faces seem so smooth, clear and clean. It seemed like they had makeup on and after they raced, their faces were still so pretty. But back when I first started following Shelley Ann Fraser-Pryce and when she said she was going to compete again with the goal of being the fastest woman, I just didn’t believe she would continue to win, but I’ve just learn that she has won more races. When I saw the large young lady, Ms. Dafne Schippers, from the Netherlands who is also very pretty, line up beside her, I was like-- Oh No! This is it! Shelley won’t beat that girl! And it was close! But Ms. Pocket Rocket put it down! That girl is so cute. Her shape is perfect. She so gorgeous. She is so inspiring. I watched the film that showed how her community cheered her on and her mother is also pretty and she seems so sweet natured. Anyway, I finally found the time to share one of my favorite past times and will hopefully continue to share more and more of women in track and field because I feel that it is so inspiring. These women give me the encouragement to strive to be healthy. But, I need to stop watching them so much and get out and start moving myself…










Ms. Dafne Schipper

Shelley-Ann, Allyson, & Ms. Carmelita Jeter

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