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Jul 26, 2001
The Plot to Kill King: The Truth behind the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

By Dr. William F. Pepper, ESQ.

Book Review by Andre Austin

Where there’s a plot

There’s a cemetery spot

Attorney Pepper has 728 pages in this last of a three part series books explaining who, what, when where how and why MLK was murdered.

Pepper should have written a brief abstract telling us who pulled the trigger on Martin L. King and then proceed with his supporting evidence. Or Attorney Pepper could have provided an opening statement pointing the finger at the guilty. Maybe in order to protect his self from lawsuits he had to do it by innuendo or the vague allusion of other people’s recollections. Getting to the name of the shooter to complete his title of his own book took some due diligence. He wants to tell the story of the assassination as a long drawn out story. As a freelance writer I will untwist the parable into the bare facts of the case.

FBI assistant to Hoover, Clyde Tolson (Toleson) gives 25,000 to Russell Adkins Sr. to help arrange for James Earl Ray to escape from prison in 1967. Russell Adkins was in the Dixie mafia and a 32nd degree Mason. They conspire to get rid of the big “Coon” King with wanting to shoot him in the mouth because he dares to tell the government to write a non- bouncing check and let his people go free of poverty, racism and military get rich tricks.

FBI Tolson goes to Oregon to purchase a 742 Remington riffle and others which was handed off to the Adkins family.

Pepper states “Ron Tyler Adkins-Whose personal recollections of relevant events were invaluable in piecing together the complete conspiracy” (see his Acknowledgments)”. In Appendix I: the Deposition of Ron Tyler Adkin’s he states Earl was going to take the shot but Jr. took the shot p.657”. Therefore, Pepper can do no better than this. Who is Jr?

Earl Clark was the “Spotter”

Alpha 184 were government snipers in case “Jr” didn’t hit his target. Jr, boast to his brother Ron he killed king p.254.

King comes to St Joseph hospital alive the wound is a mortal wound. Dr. Breen Bland and two men spit on the body of King, removed his breathing tubes and put a pillow on his face.

Chapter 22 is titled the final summation and afterword does not name the killer but only refers to him as “the shooter”. I can assume its Ron Russell Jr who attends a murder meeting facilitated by Clyde Tolson (p.276). I then turn to page 247 “according to Ron, his brother Russell Jr. took over the assassination planning with Holloman”.

So the shot that killed King came from the bushes. All those in the bush or near it was:

Ron Russell Jr. (shooter)

Earl Clark (spotter)

Raul Coelho

Tommy Smith Memphis police officer

The shot was a success if the help of a black Rev Billy Kyles who on orders lures King before 6pm.

James Earl Ray was clearly a pasty. According to judge Joe Brown Ray’s gun didn’t kill king. Pepper doesn’t edit an unfair quote from another person who calls Joe Brown a drunk on page 447. But the fact remains the real gun was broken down and burnt.

Attorney Pepper spent a million dollars to get this above information. He was able to file a wrongful death civil case on Mrs. King Behalf and get a jury to agree the government was partly responsible for kings death. The media ignored this.

I’m just belated with the inter-library loan system of today where curious readers can avoid spending nearly $30 bucks for a heavy hitting book like Pepper who take righteous jabs at Tavis Smiley 2014 book for taking the government’s version of King’s death. Oh the price we pay to be in the mainstream media. People will do anything to make money off of other peoples coffins is a **** shame.

Now that the book has been out for several months Pepper should go on a youtube, facebook speaking tour explaining the facts of the case. The shooter should no longer be a trade secret like a manufacturers secret food ingredient or something. Maybe this will pierce the mainstream media official edit of the innocent lone nut scenario.


All Black leadership shake their legs like Don knots at doing anything of attempts of protesting the government for more than 48 hours at a time. They have witnessed at what MLK was planning to camp out at DC for the poor peoples march with tents and open fire pits. The government of the United States will do nothing for you until you get into their hair with protest outside their office and take a shi.t on their lawn so they can smell and feel you. Politicians only dance to the tune to those who pay for the music to be played. Politicians don’t vote for the people who are paid by corporations. King knew this and mastered the art of the boycott which he was turning/including from business to the government. Then the reality sinks in when we find out that corporations, politicians and the media gravitation pull in harmony with the same crooked interest into the dark matter. All of this dead weight compresses on the aspirations of the masses of the peoples dignity, life, liberty and personal freedom of happiness. That’s the ultimate plot against us not as individuals but as a whole.
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