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    I specify the Afrikan American because of how much we do not know about the political process of America politics, which is indicative of World Politics, meaning the Same source that control one Continent politics is the same source that control them all, even though the Politics Dynamics may be implemented and structured different, the source of control is the same.

    So in the finial analysis, it does not matter who it is that become president of America, its racism remain the same, because it is the source of such Unjustified Prejudice that fan the evil of injustice against the Black World, America Politics is just a residence from which Racism / Prejudice is practiced, done so in the disguise of America Democracy, which play out its politics, not with the so call one Man One Vote theory of practice, claiming the prevalence of Majority Rule, But in America politics, there is a System of Electoral college that verify that the Minority of States, depending on the Population size of the state and not the size of the country population that determine America election of its President.

    so the question become, has Obama been anointed by the supreme Racist element in the World, to become America the corporation, the next America Chairman of the board of Congress, checked by the Supreme high command of the Executive Branch, The Supreme Court.

    I know you Afrikan American Dreamers do not Want to Hear this that I am sharing, because it shatters everything that you have been taught by that Lying Human Being to believe about America Politics and you end up believing the Liar, and that is what make the American Afrikan so pitiful, because we have now neglected to Think our way out of the Human Being Box of oppression and suppression, keeping you away from knowing the Divine Truth concerning the Evil of America Politics.

    So I sit back and I study the action of White Folks involvement in this year America Politics and I say, all of the Tea Leaves of America Evil and Injustice, the America Fabric of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice tell me that in no way will Obama be elected President, yet I pick up a strange Energy Vibration that is telling me how things are appearing to become in this America year of Presidential politics, which is not how it really is to be and the indication that is flowing from White Folks Mouth, would lead you to believe that the America Wall of Racism is about to come Tumbling Down, yet my Divine Mind say, Not so, well what is the Motive for the appearance of an elevating of a Mulatto Black Man to the White House, which i do not object to, and you will se why.

    So I say to my self, if I was White Anglo Saxon, Caucasian Arab, Caucasian Jewish, the Foundation of the Illuminati Fraternity and in these Time of Black Divine Minds Enlightenment, there is no greater strategy of deceit that can be put forth before the Black World than to allow a Mulatto to become chairman of the America Corporation. ( President of America )

    Such a Move Will have been made to shut up Black folks once and for all, in our claim of America Racist Class system, Unjustified Prejudice, and acts of discrimination, and that is why I say, The Pitiful Afrikan American.

    Here we are getting all excited over white folks Choice of Obama in Iowa, yet those same White Folks rejected Jesse, Why, is it the parent discrepancy ? because experience can not be an issue of reasoning in this case.

    So tell me, why is White folks appearing to be so excited over the possibility of Obama becoming America President, are they really over the Hill of White Racism, is there a Black Man more experienced and Qualified than Alan Keyes, Hell No, but Keys is Truly a Black man, when the evidence of the Volume of Melanin is a Telling factor, so you see, it is not about Obama Blackness that White Folks are falling over themselves after, it is Obama Whiteness that Afrikan Americans and White folks are elated over, The Pitiful Afrikan American.

    So, if Obama is elected President, the Black Nationalist will Rise, why, because in no way will Obama be allowed to serve as a symbol of active change for the Rank and File of Blacks In America and the Proof of the Black Nationalist that Afrika is our Refuge and the place where our salvation Lies, such will become apparent if Obama is elected President and the Racist elements in the world would have committed political Suicide, not knowing such a Time as we are now in, it is for the Black World to reclaim its Divine Mind, the energy that is capable of Saving the Black Nation, absent of the Pitiful Afrikan American.

    Here is Lovingly Thinking Of you


    Chief Elder
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