Black Poetry : THE PICK UP TRUCK


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May 11, 2006
Carry the blame a bit
but the very shame of it
didn't get a girl
after she let me hurl
love words in her ear
right here at Advance Auto
in CHESEPEAKE College Park
where there is knowledge and art
plus car parts, this girl in a mini dress
plenty bless, lips red hips in-cred jest
a fine chick that made my mind click
best to start witty in the heart of a quick
city and be like P Ditty jest to make a band
a sense of peace is defense against the beast
these rhymes has tales about a friend
no doubt a trend exists in the wind
“SO LOOK BOO you very soft and you
carry off a prizes with brown thighs
stuff able like cables carry electricity and pies
for publicity and tribes, oh a Brown Soul S-ista
go through a lot here in CHESAPEAKE her breasts
are sweet, “NAW PLAYER you wanna test
my body and skeet between the sheets
you want jiggy lace and will use dignity
and grace to get some and be like BIGGY
BABY! BABY! BABY! Wanna caress in the street
now this is Black Hip HOP in CHESAPEAKE
one day she was hitchhiking trying to reach
the club needed some quick luck but here
comes a pickup truck to soon give her a lift
the driver smell perfume started to sniff
she had on a mini-skirt panties and bra
oh he jest kissed her lips right there no car
she could hear the truck tires crush rocks
oh he wanted some started to rush a lot
she has sweaty brown thighs she use downy
in her underwear boys want her brownie
beware she's so hot down there, this reveals
even more like hot meals for the poor seals
his fate food for thought grab a plate
before you can have some cake
he pulled the truck over on the road shoulder
turn on CD girl its you and me you bolder
than I thought, in this spot we can have fun
like working outside in the hot sun
like wind this fill the sails on a boat
and then thrill females with quotes
NAW PLAYER she be flirting correct
and certain insects
taste like shrimp
she wear lace, don't like pimps
he fiddle with his Hummer
in the middle of summer
sip a cold beer want my phone number
his spree clogs while he see dogs and lumber
like tree logs on a farm there be hogs waiting
to be slopped oh gosh facts would stack up
if this was a Mack truck
hear a quack that's a rubber duck
oh gosh he stuck his hand under my skirt
“aw girl you got some phat lips on your coo-chee
he kissed her lips and got her tongue so juicy
she was moving her thing around smoochy



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May 11, 2006
Got brave words trying to spin
but like white kites they flying in the wind
crush power is graphic like rush hour traffic
saw a girl wanted to put his arms around her waist
and go down town and taste
cake, he's all words and can hear
the call of birds behind walls absurd
prevail in quote but fail to note
what became of love in this club had a boat
load while ago let it float away nothing dope
about that, a BLACK SOUL SISTA stay wet
while sex pay a debt, use buttered verb
and uttered words that smothered a herd
of grammar and seem to hammer microphones
now this is Black Hip Hop in Virginia Beach
and want a tender Black peach to reach
me in bed quick with red lipstick and each
time we kiss a lot its hard to miss hot lips
NAW PLAYER I have black sweaty thighs
and stay ready for them lies
to hit my eardrum and I hear some
me being from the shore
was ready to hear some more
boys seek affection
and freak when rejection
exist they want sex and a kiss
just can't reminisce with this
its not stupid to believe those shot by Cupid
have a desire for love see a love affair and loop it
with a rope and hope to get some
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