Chief Elder Osiris : The Phoniness And Danger Of Religion.

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    The Phoniness And Danger Of Religion.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth and Maybe, Just Maybe somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Wisdom is not akin to anything that hold up that which operate to be counterproductive to a functioning Divine Mind, feeding such a mind with profane information, and parade it as an action that is in motion, claiming it to be of benefit to you, yet it is the reason for your life form, present Black living condition.

    Religion, its main objective is to recalibrate the mind and have such an altered mind to believe what it will have that mind to believe, never to know what it is designed by the Divine Essence to know, which trump, belief.

    Religion condition that altered mind, to become a willing servant, and to believe in that information which come from religious teaching.

    It is such teaching, that is clothed in lies and deception, requiring its believers to be phony and a danger, before and to Black people, you who that serve as distributors of Religion.

    The distributors of religion, bold you are, in your action of distribution of this poison venom, religion.

    Therefore, we who are locked into our Divine spirituality, must be more bold in revealing the evil that has caused a once Divine intelligent Black Nation to fall, and today, to know not, who in the Hell we are as Black Divine people.

    Divine Truth has an obligation to remain active in the present of Lies and acts of deception.

    Those of us who claim to be wise and have love for the Black Nation, and feed to that Black Nation, Religion, is a liar and deceiver, and is a phony and danger to the Mental health of a Black Nation, making such a phony mind, to be the archangel of Lucifer the Human Being, he being the Devil and Satan as well, out to conquer the Divinity of the Black Mind, and you religious Black folks serving as Lucifer agent, without shame.

    Black people in our altered Mind, become obsessed with religion, having a want to believe that it was the black Divine Being that introduced such evil to the Black world.

    Black people who spread such lies with intent to deceive, serve to be evident, that we have been made to lose all thought and knowledge about who we Black people are, and such self ignorance, is what have us to be more of a danger to the black nation, as we peddle the root of all evil to the Black Nation, that root being, the Devil, Satan, Lucifer Religion.

    The vanity Of Envy, Ego , Jealousy, which is what I refer to as the trinity of Evil, this evil spiritual expression has been the cause that has toppled great Nations, caused many Assassinations, had many inventions stolen, caused the act of plagiarism, the demise of the nucleus family structure, caused the up and down fall of Black Civilizations, and today serve to be the major cause for Black people to maintain the status of being a people overloaded with ignorance.

    Because, it is that trinity of evil that prevent today, the rise of a unified Black Nation, and for Afrika to be for the Black Afrikan, as such a trinity of evil have us to choose, not to see the phoniness and danger that religion is established to be to the Black Afrikan Mind that does not Think, religion have us just to believe, as we journey through life.

    Just as Darkness verify the Infinite divine Truth and Reality to all things in form and out of form.

    So does light verify the direct opposite in effect, light verify the absent of Divine Truth and Reality, it is what give to you the illusion of all that is form and not form.

    Light is subordinate to the Dark, yet it is the phoniness of Religion that have you worshiping the light while cursing the dark, and such a spirit to express toward the Darkness, is a Danger to the Lives of Black people, as well as to the world of light people, because it keep the light to believe in the illusion of its action, believing that Light is superior to Darkness.

    Such a belief about the two action, it being Darkness in all of its verifiable Divine Truth and Reality of Expression, and light of all of its dependence upon the Darkness, in order to be of any benefit to all that it reveal to appear to be, coming from its illumination, because of the forever presence of the Divine Infinite Darkness.

    So, it is Divinity of Mind that cause the expression of its Divine Spirituality, and it is the profanity of mind that will have you with a false expression, which is exhibited by your Religious spirituality, spirituality being an attitudinal behavioral display, that which reflect the quality of your mind, from which such action is displayed.

    It take a very low caliber of mind to embrace the intent and claim that come from religion, it being an institution of belief that create a set of circumstances that have you not to know, but to have faith, while hoping that all is true that come from the doctrine of religion.

    Religion could not be, unless there is a practice of the trinity of evil, which are those expressions coming from a mind that display the evil of envy, ego, and jealousy.

    Such a spiritual display, is what shield you from being mentally available to the coming of that which is Divinely True and Real.

    Such a Religious mind is constantly under the obligation of lying and deceiving you about the Divine Essence, the Universe, and about the duality of your Being, one aspect of you in the physical and the other ethereal.

    Beloved, there can never be of a greater good to come from religion for you Black people, such a creation come from a mind that is at war with Divinity, its attributes being, Truth and Reality, such assertion come from the existence of Darkness, it being the Essence of Eternal Existence, the space infinite energy, is Divine intelligence, verifying its power of cause, of being, and effect, thus it is, the universe be the evidence of its forever present infinite action, forever functioning in Harmony, Order, And Balance to all that such unlimited intelligence reveal ,To Be.

    Be Kind To Your self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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