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Feb 3, 2001
New York
There’s a new stranger in town,
that has society on a roll...
Lookout ladies, it’s the phenomenal Black man,
there to help you rise and take control!

It’s the broad shoulders on his body,
that support a level head...
Extinct? I think not,
for phenomenal men are never dead...

It’s the boom in his voice;
the piercing glare in his eyes;
it’s the persistent motion of his success,
’cause phenomenal men are determined to rise...

From the plantation to the corporation,
phenomenal men show their faces.
From purgatory to the laboratory,
phenomenal men come in all races...

But it’s the phenomenal Black man
that’s triumphing over all;
rising from the word “colored,”
that was printed on the wall...

As God is my witness,
we Black men shall prevail;
making a mighty grand entrance,
in which everyone shall hail...

There’s a new stranger in town,
that has society on a roll.
Stand up for the phenomenal Black man,
he’s here to take control...
i met this man!
oh so defined ... dark strong and kind
made me feel an absolute peace
simply his presence caused this release

i met this man!
when he entered the room
all eyes were on the way he consumed
the air and the light and the looks of our gaze
and then he smiled ... my soul was ablaze

i met this man!
this phenomenal man
forever a part of my life plan
... cause i met this man


very nice Aqil


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