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    THE PHARISEE’s & STOIC CORRELATION: The eye problem pops out again

    By Andre Austin, author of Lukewarm: the Temperature of Justice

    Flavius Josephus wrote in his writings that the Pharisee’s and the Stoics were Kin. The Pharisee’s were strict Observers of the Law

    From Matthew chapter 23 we are able to see that the Pharisee’s central problem was spiritual blindness and wanting to appear on the outside something they were not on the inside. They were also preoccupied with gold and wearing expensive clothes.

    The Stoic Epictetus states all throughout in his Discourses the theme of the right use of appearances 2: chapter 8 2:chapter 19. He also defended himself and other Stoics against being wretched and miserable (pitiful) two key words used against the church of Laodicea who were also preoccupied in gold and expensive clothes. St Augustine applied Wretched (miserable) and pitiful when speaking of the Stoics lack of passion also in the City of God

    With the Church of Laodicea getting the same criticism as the Stoics & Pharisee its safe to assume they have been influenced by them? Laodicea have a school of medicine dealing in eye care but they are still Blind and need of salve. They are Lukewarm, neither hot or cold. The New Testament was original written in Greek so Luke would be Loukas an obvious pun for Leukomas an eye problem of seeing white light or clouds.

    The first God in Egypt dealing with eye care is Tefnut-maat. Tefnut was symbolic of clouds, rain, dew, moisture. Before Ra emerges from Nun he sends out Tefnut-maat to put order to the Chaos.

    Depending on the Creation story Atum-Ra or others state: “The seed fell into my mouth, and I sent forth myself the God’s Shu & Tefnut, and from being one god I became three…Nu declare that his eye, i.e the sun, was covered over with large number of bushes called hair (clouds) which hang round the sun at sunrise, and obscure his rays, and it seems as if the gods intend to complain that his sight was impeded by them for centuries*” (The Gods of The Egyptians Volume 1: 302-303 by E.A. Wallis Budge). The eye was unable to make itself seen until after Shu and Tefnut had come into being see p.298

    Tefnut is also called spit which might refer to Lukewarm being spit out. It’s no accident that Jesus (Joshus (shu) uses spit in the NT to help the blind see. It’s no accident that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Tefnut-maat helps to open the eyes of Adam & Eve. If Luke is a pun for Look and Leukomas and spit is mentioned in the same sentence we are dealing with vision and not drinking water here.


    The Oxford English dictionary makes interesting findings on the front part of Leukomas

    Leuk, form of look

    Leuke, League, Luke and Lion

    Bingo Tefnut was pictured with a Lion head. As a Twin Tefnut is also in a League, union. Its interesting how things fit together

    “It all started with Atum, whose masturbation, created Shu, god of air and Tefnut, goddess of moisture. They, in turn begat Geb…etal” (Imhotep the African p.29 By Robert Bauval). This masturbation is called spit and Tefnut by vomiting her forth out of his mouth. When Genesis said “let us make man in our image” this US was Atum, Shu and Tefnut=the first Trinity.

    The folklore that you will become blind if you masturbate may have its origins in the mythology of ancient Egyptian creation stories.

    · Hesiod in his Theogony, saw the world before their own time as a succession of ages in which perfection was replaced step by step by deepening chaos and disorder (Voyages of the pyramid builders p.238 By Robert Schoch).