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    By Andre Austin

    Jesus died on the cross not as a phantom (spirit) but a man of flesh and blood. Some sects coming from the Gnostic tried to make the Jesus story all spiritual with no flesh. Unfortunately all these Gnostic were labeled “antichrist” for denying Jesus as flesh and blood (1John 4:2-3).

    For this essay I’m not concerned with what happened on the cross but what happened after the cross. The Gnostic thought it unworthy for a son of God to die on a cross so they along with the mammalians that it was a mere phantom that hung on the cross. After Jesus tricked people into believing he died on the cross he had to convince them he wasn’t a ghost/phantom (Luke 24:39). Unfortunately in the book of John Jesus was described as a phantom/ghost just like others in mythology. When Jesus came back to life he appeared to the doubting Thomas at a house. John states: “Though the doors were locked, Jesus came”(John 20:26). It was in the mythological literature comparing the fourth chapter of Homer’s Odyssey we find a similar claim of spirits abilities we saw in the NT. Homer states:

    “The Phantom glided through the door, along the latch-thong path it used before it joined the breath of the winds”. Jesus does the same thing as a spirit does but disowns the claim that he was reduced to a spirit. While Jesus was on the cross the only thing that forsaken or abandoned him was his power to keep his legs up to help his lungs breathe in air. Jesus died and “Gave up his spirit” (Matthew 27:50). The spirit can live without the body but not the body without a spirit. Once your dead the spirit does not return to the body. Jesus spirit symbolically took 40 days to reach heaven because that was the processing days of a mummy minus the 30 days of rituals of ancient Egyptian priests just like Jacob in the OT. When you’re a mummy all organs are taken out of the body. You can’t walk through a door without a heart or brain.

    Muslims believe that a substitute was placed on the cross instead of Jesus. I mildly disagree with this. If anything happened a substitute took Jesus place after his death and tried to play like he was alive. But, nevertheless, the writers of Jesus biography injected language of mythological writings to help explain the abilities of spirits and to explain away the obvious fact that life and death is the common denominator between rich and poor, bums, kings, princes and everyday men and women. And once your dead there is no returning back to the body. A spirit (wind/air) might be able to go through a door but it can’t make a trip back to its body, unless in myth it’s a phantom or something.

    The Gnostics may have some support for their phantom if the KJV holds up in Revelations 11: 8 claiming Jesus was spiritually killed in Egypt and Sodom. The original Gospel may have seen Jesus body after death as spiritual but edited out and replaced with ludicrous slips and interpolations. The Koran actually charges both Jews and Christians of changing words of the OT& NT from the right times and places and intentionally forgetting the correct message and applying them to things which were never meant see 5:14 and 5:44. Its not clear if this corruption was just verbal or changed in writing. (Revelations 22: 19)warns those to be cursed if they add or delete scripture. The warning wouldn’t of been issued if it wasn’t already going on. I talk about the misapplication of OT scripture transferred to the NT on my essay about Schizophrenic Christians.

    When Jesus said: “the kingdom of god is within you” (Luke 17:21) this was asked by a man who wanted to know when the kingdom was coming. The reply I take as the kingdom can be within you spiritually right now. It couldn’t be physically because Jesus/God’s kingdom wasn’t of this world; unless Jesus said this as an attempt to get out of a hanging.