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    im trying to explain what I am starting to realize

    Every second one is at a crossroads of infinite paths. Whether they realize it or not. The paths are there whether or not we see them, and even if we do see one or two or ten, there are still infinite paths available.

    The paths are made up of what it is possible for us to will and what it is possible for us to do.

    Also the paths are defined by the parameters that we understand (or dont understand.

    The parameters of reality are infinite. And the actions /choices/thoughts (all stuff that we actively will) are formed/realized/not realized according to the rules of the parameters that are set up.

    This probably sounds like mumbo jumbo so I will attempt to clarify it.

    Every second we are participating in reality. We can participate in it whether we want to, whether we are aware of our participation or not. We cant not participate, we are participating no matter what we do.

    Well that is the kicker.

    Are we participating? Depends on if we think we are or not.

    A good analogy is a crossroads. Every second the choices based on what we can do and based on what we think we could do given one set of parameters.

    each set of parameters contains an infinite set of choices and actions that can take place according to those parameters. and there is also an infinite set of parameters.

    right now I am participating in parameters that say,: my mind can throw out ideas, I have a mind and I am making ideas and putting them onto a blog. My choices and actions right now are on one level to think ab out a given subject, and also to type words at a computer.

    Who participates? Who interacts?

    For me, eight now, there are many participants.

    One is a participant that knows that it can relay thoughts onto the web via typing. It is operating in a world or set of parameters where keys on a keyboard give feedback when touched, And a parameter that says letters make up words and words make up ideas.

    Another participant is what I consider to be me (at the moment) right now "I|" am operating in a world where I do not hold in mind any parameters that would apply to another situation.

    Right now the parameters that matter to me are

    1 my ability to think about this subject and explain what I am seeing

    2 my ability to type the ideas in the form of words

    3 somewhere there is a parameter/personality that knows that it has the ability to think and that thoughts are useful

    4 there are parameters that I dont need right now "like the idea that I am a human, or belong to a nation or group... but I could use those parameters if they help me to make thought action or participate in reality somehow...

    this is going no where
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