Black Poetry : The Path II

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    when in Spring when couples proclaim a reason for being
    in grand gardens of cashmere quality

    there is a path we so often will tread
    loving thoughts inside my head

    with music in my bed
    Satin sheets with an aroma of Lavender mist

    a hero I will kiss getting caught up in the mix
    like a soldier off to war you simplify from your neighborhood whore

    turning heads making beds
    the path we are to take is clear

    their is no need to fear their
    for I will wallow in the faint tapestry

    shelter lies dormant onto its beckoning plow
    even the stranger it will welcome

    turning an angry sinner to a saint
    we shall feed upon the cosmic tapestry

    alone in my thoughts from a temples desire
    carry me below before its too late