Black People : The Parable Of The SanPaper and The Wood

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    Farrakhan: If you did not want to struggle, you should never have come. If you did not want misfortune, this is the wrong place for you. I don't say suicide is a good way out, but if thats what you wish to do, thats up to you because you're not willing to face difficulty, "Well let me kill myself. Let me destroy my life." Oh thats so foolish!

    Your attitude towards the problem will help you to solve it, if you have the correct attitude. For instance, if darkness has overcome you, you say, "In the beginning there was total darkness, yet there was light sparkling in the darkness. Surely in this darkness, there is a light. Let me seek it and I shall find it.


    I heard a christian preacher say, "It is your attitude that will determine your altitude." And if you have an improper attitude toward misfortune, you won't get too high in the sight of God. So to all who may read this, study this, take the attitude of love for God. Love for Allah. Regardless to what what He brings or allows into your life. "I love you Allah and I thank you, for surely, in my trial, there is good for me because I know you mean good for me because I know you mean good for me. I'll find good in it." The good student will always find some good in what the master teacher is doing to them. And in the end, they will understand, that every thing that he did to them, he was their best friend and patron because he did it all for them, willingly or unwillingly.

    Brother Jabril: Your words remind me of what I use to say to those who were catching hell unjustly from others, I said, "I'd rather be the wood then the sandpaper."

    Brother Minister: Right, Some people are your teacher and they dont even know it. They're like sandpaper and you're the peace of wood that God wants to smooth out. So He sends some ruffriders into our life. Well, its ruff going through it now, if you were a peace of wood and the sandpaper was rubbing on you. Well, you wouldn't like that to well. But, the more the sandpaper rubs, the more sand comes off the paper and it cant do you any further harm. "Grin and bear it," the old saying goes and thank God for it and you will come out the winner.
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    Interesting view.

    Yes, bad things can/do/will happen to good people. = wood/sandpaper.

    good analogy.
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    its a trip, I needed to hear this today, having been feeling down, about my current circumstances...

    I was losing my grip on things, and this post was resurrected from 3 years ago!, only 1 post count, wow.

    thanks Bro, for posting,

    and to you too Sis, cherry blossom

    for breathing life back into this post...:)