truetothecause said:
Yes...yet....the MOST IMPORTANT PART for M.E. was this...

the fable
that as an Afreekan Descendent

why you leave dat out:?:


because I'm still reading thru the petition... and trying to understand and develop some questions that i have..

tryin to learn about the people that are heading it.. and there is a lot of material..

I'm trying to understand "truetothecause"..

sometimes i just have to stop and partake first so that left and right foot don't cloud what i'm trying to say...

I want to sign the petition.. but I want feel like I'm putting my "John Hancock" .... if u will...

big and bold for anyone to read... but when i sign it i want it to mean i'm "truetothecause".. and not just jumpin on the bandwagon..

i'm listening...... but i haven't finished reading or watching all of ur videos yet...
Ya feel me?

Yea, Rich, the pain cuteth deep, and as adults we struggle to think as an adult, instead of thinking out of our childhood experiences. Children most certainly can't defend themselves in that way, especially if there is no one to defend them. Real truf, mayn! One luv

Watzinaname-So tru, so tru, it's like that song by XSCAPE, "WHO CAN I RUN TO?" One luv

Truthtothecause-always keepin it on the real tip, WOW! Don't we know! Then you get to a place when you realize, that's not who you really are and it was never intended for you to be! Like DEEP REVELATION! It's like growing up all over again! LOL, NAHWATTA MEAN?
One luv

1poetisought- I know what you mean, you LEARN ON, from people that have had other walks of life, just how much it affects EVERYONE, in every area of your life. So tru, I've heard some real stories, and it HUMBLES you
One Luv

nevar!- I just want to give you ONE BIG HUG!!!! You remind me of family... you always come thru! GLAD you enjoyed it. One luv

MS.LADY-Understand. Thanks for stopping thu. One luv.

One Luv
Y'all come back now! ya hear?


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