Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
Now going to a new DEPTH is the pain of STIGMAS
It knows no regret
It challenges you on all fronts
And you will never win

It attacks the poor, person of color and persons of no color,
It attacks foreigners, it attacks your social class, it attacks your pride

It's ruthless
It devours your hope
It sucks the life out of living human souls

It beats you down
Causing you to hold your head down low
It hurts everyone
Most oftenly those

Innocently, as children
Without a care of day
Because of who your momma, or your daddy was
Or just cause you ain't got a penny to ya name

Out of the mouth of babes
They ignorantly slander one another
Well, you ain't this and you ain't that
Cuz my daddy is So and so and so

The Pain of Stigmas
Brings you down low
When you english isn't good
And they are puttin on shows
That mock another persons race

Casting those STEREOTYPES
That in real life we are expected to play
That in real life we are told who we are
Rather than telling other who we are

The pain of stimgatizms
Won't ever go away.

HI Desert Storm
Wow! This is a game that I would never want to play
How can people be so ruthless
and the children feel more of this pain then any one
else because there is no escape for them.
They are indeed pinned under the thumbs of this
craziness. Much love warrior.
Feeling you very deeply in this scribe, and will beat you down



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