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Aug 27, 2010
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Nothing I wrote spoke of "loyalty" to the race. One is not black because they are loyal or disloyal; one is black because they are of African descent.

(You didn't fix it good enough! I have to keep returning to your original post to see what you're referring to! Grrrr!)

Who said anything about right and wrong? I said: Evidently some people have the power to designate anyone they want, of any descent, whatever race they want them to be. Has nothing to do with right and wrong. :10500:

What in the world are you talking about??? I say I don't have the POWER to designate race and ethnicity and you come up with.... the above? :huh:

Again, I have NO idea what you are talking about. I was talking about POWER. What are YOU talking about???

Where are you getting these off-the-wall questions from? I can kick anybody I want to the curb, but that doesn't/won't make them change races!

I went to high school. I know the definition of common words. :rolleyes:

**sigh** At any rate, I will answer this off-the-wall has nothing to do with ANYTHING I wrote question.

Answer: Yes.

Uh, do you mean "as NOT being a part of your group?" If so, I never said anything about "groups." I spoke of race, specifically, the African race.
Dats not me, it's something wrong in the code cuz it doesn't even show your comments.:11200:



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Blast Hits Nigerian Capital as Protests Spread Over 220 Missing Students

A bomb ripped through a neighborhood just minutes from the presidential palace in Abuja, less than a week before Nigeria hosts its biggest business gathering in generations—a World Economic Forum meant to fete its rising favor among investors.
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