Black Spirituality Religion : The Pagan Tomb of the so-Called Daniel


The Age of Aquarius
Sep 27, 2005

Q. Why are Christians banned/forbidden from viewing the above captured site?
A. The Roman catholic church as well as the so-Called Jews are tied up in the answer.

"...located in the ancient, black Elamite capitol of Susa, in the Shush province of Khuzistan, what is now southwestern Iran. There, he is worshiped as part of the original black, Chaldean Mithraic (Essenes) orders, and access to this temple is forbidden to Christians.

Daniel, just as Abraham, was a Chaldean, high priest and both studied in Egypt and were well verssed in astrology, astronomy, magic, alchemy, augury, dream interpretation and all manner of African religious mystical sciences. The book of Deuteronomy was later altered to forbid these practices. Probably because the Roman church could not easily explain why they themselves do not possess these mystical abilities. Daniel's tomb is shaped in a dome 'omphalos' representing the old Babylonian sacred stone of Black Diana/Aastarte. It has been written in the western Bible that Daniel is the 'traditional' author of the 'Book of Daniel'. However, it is believed that his real name was Dan-El and that he was not a man at all, but rather the Phoenician God of Divination, whom the Jews hid behind the name 'Daniel'. They then converted him into a 'Prophet' and attributed the adulterated prophecies of the "Sibyl of Cumae" to him.... -- Source


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