Black Poetry : The Other Side Of Two Minutes (inspired by a piece by shaz)


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Mar 19, 2001
We conversate in full thought
slow paced set to a metronome
of wax running down a candlestick
we think before we speak even if
it's two words cause we know that
every words count so why rush
when we have all night?

Foreplay is the calm before the
storm so let's let our tongues chase each
other on the plains of love falling
in and out of the valleys of our contours
leaving trails of moisture for
us to follow and to return to shake hands with
the reflections of one another on
our eyes

Let's let our fingertips play tag and
laugh and scream excretory excitement
as you lubricate "her" and and my mouth
waters in anticipation of kissing "she"

Let me blow breezes of "what is to come"
along your forest to stoke the fires that are
to come ... I want to get lost amongst your
sexual trees' epiphanies and etch my name
on the bark of your rapid access memory
so you can pull me up when my visions slide /
down your mental side and make "her"

Let's not sprint to the Oasis of Orgasms
let's take our time and adore them from afar while
on our journey to reach them / let my hips
puzzmatically connect with the interior
of your thighs as their sighs dance on the
scent of cinnamon that emits from
love's eye /

place your voice in honey(suck)led time and
count backwards from ten / sound travels slowly in the

chambers of bliss / the number "one" will be spun
into silk memories of eight orgasms that lay themselves
across your body / that still shakes / not from
two minutes of flash instant D.I.C.K lashing
but burying moans in a row in the fields
of your fantasies........and that

takes time when your on the other side of
two minutes.

(c)2001 blakverb "off da top thinkin"


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