Black People : The Other Reparations Movement

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    The Other Reparations Movement
    by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

    Jack Kershaw of Memphis, Tennessee, wants to file a class-action lawsuit against the US government for reparations. Not on behalf of the descendants of slaves but on behalf of Southerners of all races whose ancestors were the victims of the US government’s rampage of pillaging, plundering, burning, and raping of Southern civilians during the War for Southern Independence.

    If Mr. Kershaw’s lawsuit goes to trial, Lincoln and his high command will finally be put before a tribunal, of sorts. He probably has little if any hope of winning such a case (in federal court!), but the trial record would go a long way toward combating the whitewashing of history that has occurred for the past 140 years.


    The southerners were instrumental in stopping the freed slaves from getting their reparations they asked for in 1865. They also took back the land given to the slaves after the war. This man gets his day in court and the ACLU, NAACP can't get past the court clerk. What a shame!