Black People : The Other Clarence Thomas, Pres. Oakland Longshoreman, Stage Payback Wildcat Strike

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    From Oakland to New York, Occupy protesters won't back down
    By Saeed Shabazz -Staff Writer-
    Updated Nov 14, 2011 - 9:07:56 PM

    ( - Clarence Thomas, president of Oakland’s powerful International Longshoreman and Warehouse Local No. 10 described the early November general strike in the city as the “first manifestation in the 21st century of people’s power.”
    Mr. Thomas noted the Nov. 4 general strike was called by Occupy Oakland and not organized labor.
    But the one-day shutdown that literally closed businesses in the Bay Area city, and closed the nation’s fourth largest port, was in reaction to police violence Oct. 26 when nearly 900 law enforcement officers and Homeland Security police attacked the Occupy Oakland site at 5:30 a.m.
    The assault resembled a full-scale military attack, a domestic “shock-and-awe,” with police using flash grenades, percussion bombs and tear gas, said demonstrators. Eighty-five people were initially arrested, but the number rose to over 100 as some 1,000 protesters clashed later that evening with police.
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