Historically, the Greek god Adonis was called “Tammuz” by the ancient Israelites of Abyssinia (present-day Ethiopia). His celebration took place ceremonially in a cave-dwelling in the town of Bethlehem, which was regarded as his birthplace! Tammuz was esteemed as “good bread” for the soul. The word “Bethlehem” means “house of bread,” or "house of Tammuz," and his name still designates the 4th month of the Hebraic calendar...

Tammuz is astronomically attuned to the time of the Summer Solstice, when the Sun reaches its greatest northern declination, and is astrologically attuned to the sign Cancer, which rules the African continent. The sign of the month was called Sartan, Cancer or The Crab, because this constellation - which is observed at this time of year - has the appearance of a crab. Also, the season is summer, and the hot weather of summer causes crabs to multiply in the water. Crabs pinch and hurt, and this month was basically a time in which the Jewish people were hurt (which is why it was referred to as the "month of mourning")...

The Egyptians also worshiped Tammuz as the setting sun. His name means literally “our Lord,” as does the Greek “Adonis,” and the ancient Israelites wrote many Psalms for Tammuz, as part of their liturgical services were offered in his name. One such example remains in the Old Testament as the 110th Psalm...
I have no clue as to why so many who say they're Christians choose to celebrate a day that has nothing at all to do with our Savior.:10500:

I know some think it's no big deal, but this day, this ritual is no better than the rest we're constantly encouraged to be apart of year round. It promotes greed, in even those who think they are celebrating in a Christ like manner; the thing is, I never read in the Scriptures that we should be celebrating a day that has nothing to do with the Christ.

It may be said that it's associated with "saviors" of other beliefs, but this true Savior, the Holy Son of the Father on High, is not associated with them, nor this day. There may be imitators, but there's always only ever been one true Savior to us all; it is our Father, and He sent His own Son to redeem us by sacrifice for our iniquity, and show us the Way to righteousness through the One resurrected from the dead. It's all in faith and true belief to know the truth of why He is the Only One, and in righteous works we keep to our KING, the Most High.
Thank you for your informative post, Aqil. I have long said that according to my research, most Christian holidays celebrated now were derived from pagan beliefs, because the research I have done (which you seem to have done even more than me) led me to that belief. However, there will be those who don't listen to a word you say and insist that their way Christianity, Muslim, Catholocism, whatever, is the only way. I have long since stopped listening to religious fundamentalists that proclaim every religion but theirs false and evil. I choose my own spiritual path, that teaches me to be a good person, and to do good for others, my world, and myself both spiritually and phisically. To me, through doing as much for the good of all as I can is the way for my spirit to find its way back to its Source. I capitalize the word Source, and use All interchangably with it because I believe that the Source of creation contains All that is in order to create All that is, and is niether masculine or feminine, but both.


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