CrunchyStuff said:

Did you notice that this post says that Christianity and Mithra were COMPETING religions, running side by side.

That kinda of conflicts with others view that Christianity came from Mithra worship doesn't it?

Look what your post says here:

as a genuine result of the contact between the two religions (Mithraism and Christianity), at a time when both were growing in popular appeal throughout the Roman Empire...

Two separate religions, growing separately. NOT one religion [Mithra] out of which came the cult of Christianity.

I wish others who think that Christianity came from Mitharaism could see your post here.

Historically Mithra was worshipped for hundreds of years before Jesus but his worship did not become popular in the Mediterranian area until about the time the christians started frmulating their Pauline theology. Therefore although Mithra was new in that area unlike with christianity he was not a new god whose theology was inchoate.

The Roman Catholics were doing everything in their power to divorce christianity from its Jewish parentage so they were borrowing from here and there to create a new religion without having to start from absolute scratch.
info-moetry said:
Jeremiah 10:1-10
Jeremiah was a priest from Anathoth in the territory of the Benjamin tribe, and the world of Jeremiah's time was full of wars as new empires cconquered the old ones. The tiny kingdom of Judah was caught in the middle, and during Jeremiah's lifetime. Babylonia conquered Judah and ended its freedom as a nation. Jeremiah began bringing the Lord's message to the people of Judah when he was young, possibly less than 20 years old. He continued until 586 BC, when the Babylonians captured Jerusalem. Some of the people of Judah soon forced him to go with them to Egypt, where he continued to speak to them for the Lord.

Many of Jeremiah's messages include the date when they were originally spkoken. But when his friend Baruch helped him put the messages into writing, they did not arrange the messages by these dates. Usually the messages are grouped together because they are about similar subjects. Jeremiah acted out many of his messages , so that the people would know exactly what the Lord was saying. Time after time Jeremiah said God was going to punish Judah. But because he also said the people of Judah should surrender to the Babylonians, his enemies accused him of being a traitor. They had thrown him in prison and even tried to have him killed. Jerimiah complained to God about his problems, and these complaints are now known as his "Confessions." Jeremiah often reminded the people of Judah that they had broken their agreement to worship only the Lord. And so the Lord was going to punish them by letting the Babylonians take them away to Babylon.
But the Lord had also promised to bring his people back to their land someday, amd at that tome the Lord wold make a new agreement with them. Here is Jeremiah 10:1-10, under the heading, "The Lord Talks About Idols":

"The Lord said: Listen to me, you people of Israel. Don't follow the customs of those nations who become frightened when they see something strange happen in the sky. Their religion is worthless! They chop down a tree, carve the wood into an idol, cover it with silver and gold, and then nail it down so it won't fall over. An idol is no better than a scarecrow. It can't speak, and it has to be carried, because it can't walk. Why worship an idol that can't help or harm you?"

Jeremiah Praises the Lord

"Our Lord, great and powerful you alone are God. You are King of the nations. Everyone should worship you. No human anywhere on Earth is wiser than you. Idols are worthless, and anyone who worships them is a fool! Idols are made by humans. A carver shapes the wood; a metalworker hammers out a covering of gold from Uphaz or silver from Tarshish. Then the idol is dressed in blue and purple clothes. You, Lord, are the only true and living God. You will rule for all time. When you are angry the earth shakes, and nations are destroyed."

(Jeremiah 10:1-10, KJV, Contemporary English Version)
Aqil said:
Jesus was born on September 8, in the year 7 BC[/B], having been conceived around the time of the Winter Solstice in 8 BC. He was born under the astrological sign Virgo, which is another cosmic verification of the Biblical expression, “born of a virgin.”
Mary was pregnant for 11 years??!! That sounds like the emaciating conception.
Aqil said:
Jesus was born on September 8, in the year 7 BC, having been conceived around the time of the Winter Solstice in 8 BC. He was born under the astrological sign Virgo, which is another cosmic verification of the Biblical expression, “born of a virgin.”
river said:
Mary was pregnant for 11 years??!!
If Jesus was born on Sept. 8, 7 BC, it means that he was conceived around the time of the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21) in the year 8 BC...exactly nine months before.


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