Black History : The Origin Of White People

This is Ignác Goldziher (1850-1921) of Jewish heritage ---who wrote "Tagebuch" -- a book which describes the very location of the stonewall that Africans built to block off 'pink toe' in the Caucasus Mountains for thousands of ears. This famous Orientalist (in the pre-Said definition of the word) is also recognized as one of the founders of Islamic studies.

Of course you may not have known, but Eye knew that this group had a hand in establishing: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

"Tagebuch" by Ignác Goldziher (pages 33, 34) the author discusses the Walls of the Caucasus Mountains. "...there in front of us was a wall and tower, partly fallen, built right across the defile, here only 20 fathoms broad with an impassable mountain on either side. Remains such as these of frontier fortresses I have found right through the Caucasus from one sea to the other in all the narrowest defiles giving passage through the mountains..." -- Knowing who put built these fortresses and who was imprisoned behind them answers all you will ever need to know...!

Of course the very group who locked us up behind ignorance/ illiteracy/ and lack of kFB_IMG_1692736819441.jpgnowledge (ie. Slavery) never imagined that we would one day relearn what has been hidden -- much less uncover this information.

so the world was "created" 6 thousand years ago lolololololol

the lies embedded in us. SMH as a kid i was taught life started 6,000 years ago lol SMH

I realized some time ago this 6,000 year human timeline was skewed

I've never once heard of anyone speaking on Yakubian theory, indicate the world was created 6 thousand years ago. That's Bible stuff. Yakubian theory proposes that the white race began approximately 6,000 years ago.



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