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    The Gratitude is for Allaahu, The Sustainer/ Lord of The Universe and The Peace upon whoever follows The Guidance:
    The Soul (Ruwh) carries four attributes into the world at birth. Four attributes that no earthly source can claim. No one or thing can account for its origins, its manifestation, the weight and extent of its presence. Not to mention its depths and capabilities when in perfect alignment. Only The Group mentioned in Suraatul' Faatihah verse 6 have reached the heights that the alignment of these four attributes allow for the Slave of Allaah. You and I.
    Male sperm and female ovum come together in a womb. Sperm and ovum are pure DNA. Pure? oxygen has never touched it. which is why it is called 'de-oxy-ribonucleic acid'. no oxygen. no contact with outside environment. This pure DNA is the record of everything that the senses have collected. The genetic record of your life. All things that you have seen with your eyes. all things you have heard with the your hearing or touched with your skin or have eaten. Sperm and ovum is the record of every thought and dream, fantasy, the content of your imagination. The sperm for the male, the ovum of the female. These are records. pure records.
    So the sperm enters the ovum covered egg. the orgasm of the woman secretes over the eggs...the eggs are covered in the ovum. the head of the sperm enters the egg but also pulls the ovum over itself as it enters the cavity of the egg. the sperm enters the egg sheathed, like sticking your arm into a sleeve.
    The sperm belongs to the man and the ovum the woman. All physical parts of the baby will come from the sperm and ovum: from bones to brain, every cell, every vein.
    what we don't see in illustrations is that all things resonate, vibrate. the electron of the atom carries electricity. the neuron of the atom provides the housing for light the electron provides.
    Proton provides plasma (flesh making, organ making)
    electron provides light (light that man can use and measure is called electricity)
    neutron provides nerve tissue. these are the major organs/parts of the atom. called "dhara" in The Holy Qur'aan.
    The sperm and ovum are brought together and sealed together in their lights, resonating and vibrating. this union emits an electromagnetic field dominated by the color green. from this union is built your DNA. Your DNA is built from your Parents. from that DNA is built your physical parts and skeleton and all things physical. The electromagnetic field of this union is called Spirit. In arabiyyah the word for spirit is called " Nafsa/Nafsahu " your Body and your Spirit are possessions of yours that you inherited from your parents. These possessions are NOT YOU. You have not come into existence yet.
    a mere 7 minutes after your fathers sperm and mothers ovum connected, your central nervous system began formation. the nervous system is created to collect, hold and distribute light throughout the body. And remember O muslim/muslimaati,
    " ...Allaahu Nuwrus Samaawaati Wal' Ard ..." Allaah is Light of Heavens and Earth. The Holy Qur'aan 24:35.
    The spirit is to the DNA what the Mind is to the Brain. The Mind is the electromagnetic field of the brain (mukhkh). Your soul, which is YOU, will interface the brain that is present, the DNA that is present within the body. The spirit is the point of interface between the soul and the DNA and the Mind is the point of interface between the soul and the brain. but you must remember, your body and your spirit are not you!! they are yours; you inherited from your parents. YOU are a soul from your Creator. Your Creator placed you into that gelatinous cellular mix of sperm and ovum, which provided a body and spirit for you, soul, to be fitted into. Your body comes from your parents. your Spirit comes from your Parents...these are the earthly sources of your existence. But your Soul, RUWH, which is you, comes from Allaah.
    The soul is born with four abilities that it does not learn AND is not taught.
    The abilities are :
    To Read
    To Remember
    To Intend
    To Speak (the power of speech).
    No one is taught these things. Inversely, these things allow for one to be taught. And these attributes come from Allaah. Many fail to consider why Allaah would ask an unlearned man to Read, "IQRAA". This is because we don't understand the meaning of the word 'read' we think we do and it is Allaah that does not. there are some muslims that say 'The Angel Jibraa'iyl HAD to have been showing Muhammad a copy of Qur'aan while asking him to Read.
    consider your definition of the word read. If your definition does include The Blind, reconsider your definition for the Blind read through their fingertips!! in a language that has nothing to with letters and light to read under. so what does the word READ really, truly mean?
    The baby cries out when it is born. This is speech. it was not taught. later, the mother will learn to interpret the babys' speech. This cry means the baby is hungry... this cry means the baby is wet. IS THIS NOT SPEECH?
    Now, if the baby will cry when it is wet or when it is hungry, then are not these things operations of Memory and Intent? Is this not clear evidence that the baby is born with the powers of Memory (dhikr), the powers of Intent (Niyyaat), the powers of Speech (Bayaan), the power to Read (Iqraa)? Your definition of the word read must include 'the ability to collect information from an observation made through any sense of the body. The soul, Ruwh, carries these attributes to whatever degree Allaahu has created. Allaahu creates whatever He Wills.
    But your Body and every part of it comes from your parents. The Spirit (nafsa) and Mind (Aaqil) are the electromagnetic fields of the physical self; and are the points/places of interface for the soul, which comes from Allaah and is BLOWN into the womb, as we clung to the wall of our mothers' uterus.
    After it became clear To Muhammad to simply observe and repeat what his heart collected from The Angel Jibraa'iyl (gabriel), he simply said, READING FORM HIS HEART BECAUSE HE MEMORIZED THE SPEECH OF THE ANGEL, " Iqraa Bismi Rabbikal' lathy khalaq ". Read in The Name of your Sustainer WHO created you. Created you from " Alaq". which means DNA. the word 'alaq' is the arabiyyah word for cellular distillation/meiosis/mitosis, etc...
    ALLaahu is The Creator of Reading, writing. It is fitting that The Most High call HIS Slave by the very essence of his being IQRAA!! and IQRAA in My Name! From that point on, The Most High began to teach Muhammad through the language of the arabiyyah. WHY? because Allaah created the creation in this language. The arabiyyah identifies and classifies Reality, the physical existence, chemical existence, atomic existence, ethereal existence.
    The English language, is the lacuna of knowledge. first of all. Knowledge is but the by product of whatsoever Allaah has created.
    Data is unorganized information
    Information is organized data
    Knowledge is usable information
    Wisdom is the ability to teach the use of knowledge based on the information it came from.
    everything other than Allaah can be classified as an object. Allaah claims to have not been created but infact is Creator. No one has ever challenged this rumor so lets assume its true. If Allaah has created all things than all things are objects. every object carries its own knowledge about itself if you can observe it or learn how to observe it. an orange fruit and an atom are not examined in the same way. but the mere observation will yield the data of itself. once you organize what you have observed, this is called 'information. data brought IN TO THE BRAIN, which takes up FORMATION. a bit of information be it heard or seen takes a formation in the brain within the nerves of the brain. this is the true definition of an alphabet. a unit of information within the cortex . the word is really "alpha-beta " which describes the measure and formation of an electronic impulse on the brain/nervous system.
    naked light is called electricity.
    Light with information on it, or in it, is called electronic.
    so see the distinction: an alphabet and a letter are not the same. One is a record in the brain and the other is a record on paper (a,b,c,). A number is the electronic imprint an amount of something/anything has on the brain. A numeral is the written form/symbol (1,2,3,) of a number. The Huruwf, letters, of the arabiyyah are what we see on paper. The huruwf, letters actually come from The " Abdajiyyah " which comes from Light given to Adam during his " Meeting" with Allaah. you can find this in The Holy Qur'aan at 2:37. The arabiyyah makes clear what the English translation "learned certain words" leaves to the imagination. We must abandon translations. we must resign ourselves to The knowledge of Allaah BY Allaah through the language HE purposely created to house identify and classify creation. and NO. it was not "ibraani" called 'Hebrew' in English. The word Ibraani, Hebrew, means ' to cross over'. The word Arabiyyah means ' to move boundlessly '. Ibraani is a language that was made to codify and conceal the Knowledge of The Tawraah (Torah). Hebrew to Arabic is what pig latin is to English. period.
    Allaah has placed us inside of a body built from the Sperm and Ovum of our parents ( literally, the word means "pair of entities" because of the true meaning of procreation. The Soul, RUWH, is blown into that cellular mix. When the soul interfaces the DNA of the body, this is called Spirit, Nafs/nafsa/nafsahu. But when the soul interfaces the central and peripheral nervous system of the body, this is called Mind. when the soul has been aligned, with its Memory, Intention, Speech and ability to recover knowledge contained in The heart, called reading, and confronted with Tawhiyd, and then Salaat which means worship but whose root meaning means CONNECTION, and then Zakaat, and then Abstaining from good things solely to please and show off to Allaah that the you, soul, can do it, siyaam - the Prophet Muhammad is recorded to have said, " Allaah accepts conceit only in one instance. and that is ' only in the face of danger '... and intending to visit the first house of worship built on Planet Earth, Hajj...if we can align this proper... AND MASTER TAHAJJUD...Then truly we can lay claim to the 23rd surah of Qur''aan the first Ayaah. If I said anything stupid or didn't properly explain or left out anything or should have put in something please address your brother. email is: [email protected]
    As Salaamu Alaykum.