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"The name JESUS is really the Greek form of the name "JOSHUA or JESUA"

The name "Jesus" isn't the Greek form of anything. The name "Jesus" is the English form. It was not derived from the koine (common) Greek form (which is "Iesous"). It was derived from the Latin form "Iesus."

"The English translation of the name "JESUS", which came from Greek, finds it's origin during the time of "JESUS" , when the "SANHEDRIN", were losing their control over the so-called Israelites , because of the New Roman Empire's take over."

The English name "Jesus" did not come from Greek. It came from the Latin name "Iesus." Nor did it originate during the time of Jesus' earthly ministry. The letter "j" was not introduced until long after that time, so the name Jesus (which contains the hard "j" sound) could not have originated during the 1st century.

"In order to worship their god "ZEUS" , the Sanhedrin created a NEUTRAL DOCTRINE... They combined "JAH" of Israel and "ZEUS" of Rome to control the "REFORMED" Israelites. The name of their so-called savior had three forms: 1) " IE-SOUS, 2) "JESUS" and 3) "ZEUS"

There is no historical documentation to substantiate any of this. There are no historical documents showing that the koine Greek (Iesous) or the English (Jesus) came from the name "Zeus."

"If you say the two names together... You will hear how it is the name "JESUS" or "JAH=ZEUS... Which sounds more like the name then not"

There is no evidence supporting the assertion that the names "Jah" and "Zeus" were merged in the first place. Secondly, appealing to phonetics (a similarity in sound) is not evidence of a connection either. Just because a portion of two terms sound similar does not mean that one derived from the other. The names "Jan" and "Dan" sound alike, but that doesn't mean that one derived from the other. Both names have separate etymologies. As do the names "Jesus" and "Zeus."
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