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    I will start this list with a synopsis of a story from a book but add on to this list as much as you can from different sources so that we may put draw some historical/cultural/spiritual parallels for the sake of just having the data..

    According to Vusamazu Mutwa (Zulu spiritualiist) the original humans were not of this planet and were red upon the original planet,but lived in a Red World (not mars,in the story this solar system does not appear until later )and were divided on the basis of gender and as a result the woman ruled over the men..eventually a large war broke out as a result of the division releasing evil forces that attaked the men and women both,a war that was almost lost by man, and the few male and female survivors were the 'compasionate' ones that wanted peace and love for each other so they left in a giant iron dragon (ie space ship) to a destination unknown to escape the Red world (not mars,not even in the 'Milky way') and eventually ended up at the Sirius constellation (Peri Orifici Orimbisi) and found a water world that encircled the new star that they lived had islands and the humans decided to settle there and met the inhabitants that were kind like dolphins and a bit amphibious and accepted the humans as freinds.....the king of the water people was called Nommo...then the peace was interrupted when a small group of humans killed and at a water being which to the empire was ultimate betrayal by men though all of man was not guilty,on an individual basis, the water beings had a meeting and declared war on man,in which man was almost destroyed....while the war was going on the king (Nommo) took pity on the remainder of man and told his sons (Wowane and Mpanku) to take on the duty of saving the remainders of the human the sons took their power and created a large white egg (what is now called the moon) and loaded the remainder of man and brought them to another world (this planet) and as a result of the collision between the egg(moon) and this planet we lived underground for a while before we made our way to the surface...

    at the end of the day the Nommo beings return to tell us that we are EXILES from the rest of humanity (others just like us) on Earth because of our aggressiveness and that once war,poverty,etc are destroyed on this planet they will return so that we can re-unite with our cousins who were not so mean.....

    that is a synopsis as Vusamazulu explains that the story can last years if told correctly...

    Vusamazulu alsos says that most animals on this planet come from the parts of the universe that are represented by zodiac signs and they were brought to help populate and maintain the planet along with some other resources (ie water)

    source:Zulu Shaman: Dreams,Prophecies,and Mysteries

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    this could be a screenplay.....what about the amphibs from sirius?

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