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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    I strive each Day to be a Pragmatist and each Day I seek Divine Knowledge with Understanding and the information that is revealed to me , encourage me to remain obedient to My Master Teacher, our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, information that differ from what most of us have been conditioned to believe, even if I remain to be a Majority of ONE.

    There are two people that can not be Divinely Reasoned With, the believer and the Foolish Believer, the Two being One.

    When in an argument the objective is to Win using all sorts of tactics to have your point to prevail, Divine Truth being not an objective.

    When Two Wise Thinker engage each other to Profoundly Reason together, the objective is to Learn from the body of information being Reasoned about, therefore, therein reside the Divine Truth that will be the prize and both would have benefited from the other.

    When Reading, you do so not to just believe what you are reading, regardless of the Evidence being presented, because evidence is not Fact, so you should read to engage your Mind about that which you are Reading, using Profound Reasoning, Rationale, and Logic, to identify the Facts to be Divinely True.

    The Believer is depended upon the presenter of the Information being presented for you to be believed, but the Divine Thinker, become the verifier of the information the Presenter is presenting, there is a Profound Difference in the Two.

    When allowing your Life to be guided by irrational Emotion, by identifying that which you believe, you do your Life a Grave disservice, because the end result will cause you to be the victim of Lies and Deception, enemies to a Divine Life, whose Living will be full of Pain and Sorrow, Repression, Oppression and Depression.

    To all who have a Divine Mind to Think and a desire to know the Divine Truth, the requirement is for you to know and understand What God Is Not, which is Mortal and Finite, and when you come to know that Divine Truth, then we will not have to create a make believe world, consisting of all things mortal and Finite and living in illusionary Time, instead of Divine Real Time, AND YOU WILL COME TO REALIZE THAT ALL YOU BELIEVE IN NOW, IS THAT WHICH COME NOT FROM YOUR DIVINE MIND, BUT FROM OTHERS MIND THAT NOW IS IN CONTROL OF YOUR PRESENT HUMAN BEING MIND, HAVING YOU TO BELIEVE ALL THAT YOU BELIEVE TO BE TRUE, USING THEIR TERMINOLOGY AND CLASSIFICATION OF ALL THINGS THAT YOU NOW BELIEVE TO BE TRUE. .

    Over the last couple of Days I have been able to see the Mind that has been caused to be in the use of Black People, and it is a Mind that prevent Black People from having infinite Profound Reasonable, Imaginary , Rational, and Logical Thought Vision, that which only operate in Real and Truthful Divine Time, absent of the use of irrational emotion used to dramatize belief.

    It is Divinity that best describe that which is True and Real, two abstracts attributes of Existence that verify the Divine Essence, that which is the Entity of Infinity, meaning that, In The Divine Essence there is no act of creation, just continue Productive Revelation of all that Revolve to be that of the Universe, there being Two Universe, one inter-connected to the other, with One being Not Physical and the other being Physical, operating in a Symmetry that have One to be of the other, active in a state of Continuous Eternal Revolving Motion, with the Infinite Universe being in constant production of the other, with the not Physical Universe, being the Maternal Order of the Physical Universe.

    Therefore, All that Be Physical, is of the finite Universe and that Infinite Universe is the Eternal Space in which the finite Universe reside, it being that which is Divinely True and operate in Infinite Divine Real Time, the Infinite Universe I Refer To Be.

    Divinity is that which perform in Harmony, Order, And Balance and is verified by ITS Action, therefore the Physical Universe is Divinely In Motion And Motion signify Life, Meaning that the Universe Is Alive and is Generated by Infinite Divine Intelligence, which is the Divine Attribute Of The Divine Essence, The Maternal Infinite Action that Produce The Physical Universe Continuously, and have no need to Create what is Eternally Intrinsic to be of the Not Physical Universe, that Universe being the Infinite Eternal Spatial Perfect Night.

    So what constitute the Physical Universe are all Animate and Inanimate Visible and invisible Entities in Action, consisting of Objects and Ethereal object Matter and antimatter, the Physical and Anti Matter being that of which we refer to as Stars, Planets, and the Invisible Elements, that which is of the Perfect Infinite Night, which sustain the Life of the Physical objects of the Physical Universe.

    When you Know What God Is, then you will Know that God The Divine Eternal Infinite Essence does not need to Create , IT Has The Divine Intelligence To Reveal by Producing that which already IS, and since the Divine Essence is the Eternal Infinite Reveler, then all that It Has Revealed By Its Production, is Not of a Creation, because to Create signify to bring something out from nothing and in Divine Real Time Of Divine Truth And Reality, there is no such a Concept as Nothing.

    Because what Is, have always been, and is all that has been, and such is revealed to become as is so produced to be Revealed, by the Eternal Infinite Divine Essence, IT being what you now refer to as being GOD The Father, Son, And Holy Ghost, ( Spirit ) Yet In Real Time And Divine Truth, It Is The Divine Maternal Essence Of Eternal Infinite Intelligent Energy, that which Reveal and Provide all that is of the Universe, Physical and Not Physical, One Finite and the other Infinitely invisible.

    So, when contemplating the Origin of the Black and White Being, and to imply that it is Divinity that Clone Evil into the World of the Physical Universe and/or to imply that there is Divine and Evil Karma, such a claim produce the Evidence that such a statement making, is an indication that those making such a statement, does not Know What Constitute The Divine Essence, ( God ) because in Divinity there is no Evil Karma, just the Greater Good of the Divine Essence, All Energy is Divine and play no part in our Evil activities.

    Evil is no more than Thought Transformed into Attitudinal Behavior, which is Expressed and Displayed to bring Harm and Injury to Life, and such action of Behavior, is the responsibility of the Life doing the performing, and not the Divine Energy that generate to you Life, because you See, It Is The Divine Energy that Provide the Motion, ( Life ) but it is that Life which determine the Quality of Performance to be acted out by that Life, and it is that Life, that will suffer the consequence of that Life Action and not the Divine Essence.

    So you See Beloved, when you in your Haste to repeat what somebody other than yourself have told you about the Origin of Black And White People and you fail to verify with your Divine Mind ability to Profoundly Reason by the use of Rational Thinking about that you are repeating about your Black Selves, you in your attempt to appear intelligent on the Topic being discussed, you end up revealing the type of Mind you are a prisoner of.

    For instant, where is the Profound Reasoning to claim that Black Folks Created White Folks and did it by using our DNA Cellular Structure to do so, implying that the use of Divine Dormant Genetic Component, was used by our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, in order to create a Human Being with a Resessive DNA base, and then imply that our Divine First Way Ancestors performed such an act for Selfish Reason.

    For any Black Being to come up with such an absurd Hypothetical Proposition, serve to demonstrate how Far Down the Divine Intelligent Ladder we have Fallen, and to make such a suggestion, has all of the Mental Residue of the Human Being way of Believing, always wanting to construct a Class system pecking disorder, among that which the Divine Essence have Produced in Divine Fashion.

    Tell me Beloved, is it to far of a Mental Stretch to imagine that White People could not have been as they now portray themselves today in this World, take a Look and See your Black Selves, are there any Difference in what you describe White People to be today than what we Black People have Become today as well ?

    Tell me, is there a difference in White Folks Evil acted out against Black People than there is of the way Black People now act toward each other, is it not a fact that we have mastered the practice of Evil Spirit against ourselves and toward others, yet you make claim that Our Ancient Divine Cosmic Black Ancestors was so Ignorant about their Divinity, until they set out to create Evil ?

    Beloved, how sad and pitiful we Black Folks have become, do you not know that Evil is not an Entity sitting around a corner waiting to be summon, it is no more than an Attitude and Behavior without Divine Quality, Evil is a Spirit we produce and express, based upon our Thought Process, so in a Divine Setting, which our Divine Ancestors established, at the Time of their coming to this Planet and for a duration of myriad of Real Time, Divinity was the quality of Sacred Thiughts that flowed from our Divine Mind and in such a Mental state, there is no desire to produce Evil from a Greater Good, such does not reside in the same Mental House and would be a contradiction of the Divine Way of Life.

    All Living and non living objects have their inception Flow out from the Divine Essence and each of its Kind, has its established Course to follow, staying within its own Path and if there is a deviation from the assigned Path, then we have only ourselves to Blame and not the Divine Essence, A Divinity that does not Dictate nor influence that which It Has Revealed To Produce to be Members of the Physical Universe.

    Beloved, are you not in the Know that all Species that occupy this Vast Universe are not of the same Structure DNA and Phenotype but yet express a Divine Spirit about them, are you aware of the Divine Essence Method of Production and that such Action is a none stop Continuous development and that there was a Time when This Solar System had not come to be, and when it did come to be, the amount of Real Time it took for this Solar System to become organized and qualified to sustain Life as we Know of it today ?

    So, how is it that we Black Folks can contemplate our Arrival to this Solar System, to this Planet, and/ or to other Planets in this solar system, you who are not of the evolution belief, but you can not entertain such a Belief that other people on this planet that is of a Primary Nature of a different phenotype, could not have been just as Universe adventurous as you, as well.

    Beloved, if you are going to be Universal Mentally Imaginative, Visionary, Theoretical, Hypothetical, philosophical, and Idealistic about this Vast Physical Universe, then use your own Divine Mind to take such a Trip, and stop being influenced by other people opinion about it, and all that occupy it, but then you can not even begin to suit up Mentally, not until you have come into the Knowledge of What the Divine Essence IS, and whom you Black Folks Are, and come to know the fact that there is no Time and Space in Infinity, the Divine Universe upon which the outer Universe Rest.

    Let us take for instance that we accept white folks calculation about how long this Planet been here and keep in Mind this Planet we now occupy is a young Planet in comparison to the others of this Solar System and we act on the assumption that this Planet is as they say, which is around Five Billion years in its place and let us give this Planet a Billion years to get Her self together, well you have Four Billion Years to deal with, in term of this Planet inhabitants, are you qualified to go into the Genetic Library of your Internal Self and find out those Answers you are now taking others of which you do not Know of their Origin advice, about everything about this Planet and all that happen and has happen on this Planet ?

    Are you so inclined to believe that you Black People are the God of Creation of all Anthropomorphous Corporeal Beings that now occupy this Planet, you being the great Architect of Human Beings upon this Planet, not realizing that there are Beings that have come and gone within a Span of Four Billion Years of which you have no physical record of but yourselves, can you allow your Mind to stretch that Far to See what was the Order of that Time and the Many Real Time thereafter thereafter ?

    Tell me are we the creator of the Cro Magnon Being, the Neanderthal Being as well, listen, there are 14 Fossils that supposedly tell the story of Life Being, on this Planet, claiming within the Span of Four Million Years, those Fossil of evidence of a form of Life Beings are classified as the Sivapithecus , it being of around a Time period of 17 to 8 Million years ago, you also have the Australopithecus Afarensis , a Being which span in the area of 3.8 Million years ago, you have the Australopithecus Africanus, a Being with a span of Time of 3 to 2 Million years and then you come to the Homo-Habilis, a being with a span of Time of 2,2 to 1.6 Million years, the Homo-Habilis is classified to be the coming of the first Human Being standing perpendicular to the ground and you come to the Homo Erectus Being, the so call first migratory people out of Afrika, a Time Span of 1.6 Million years and now you have the Homo-Sapient, with a Time Span of 100,000 to 30,000 to present Time.

    Now I have sighted these different type of specie of so call coming of Man to show that even with these discovery that took place in the place referred to as Afrika, you are dealing with Beings that you will either subscribe to the theory of Evolution or scratch your Head in wonderment about where they came from, keeping in Mind that the period of Time I have sighted here is just a Tear Drop in the Pool of Four Billion Years, let us say Inhabitable Time upon this Planet,so either you will have to deal with the Coming of Life Beings to this Planet from other Dimension of the Universe or you have to be a studious Believer in the Theory of Evolution with such a process pertaining only to Black People and we eventually becoming the God of Creation of White People and Mongoloid People on this Planet.

    I will remain the student of our Ancient Divine Cosmic Divine Ancestors who Reveal to me that We are the Descendants of a People arriving to this Planet from a distant Far Away Galaxy in the Universe and that we are not creators of Life other than by the act of Maternal Procreation.

    Over the period of Four Billion Years, so many Life Time and Life Forms could have come and gone to be Founded only within our DNA and that DNA indicate that we are a very Divine and Unique Specie of a Being, so the Finding of Fossils in Afrika that cover a Nano period of Time that Life as we know it to be on this Planet only span a measly 17 to 8 Million Years, prove nothing about the Life that occupied this Planet over the Span of Four Billion Years, and as long as we allow the people we now strain to take credit for them being here, as if it give us bragging rights of some kind and we now being in the condition we are now in and have no motivation to do anything about our Life present condition, such serve for Black People to be the biggest Fool of all that now occupy this Planet, claiming to be a God of White Folks Creation and yet do not know who in the Hell we Black Folks are, now if that is not a contradiction in Mind belief and Thought, I do not Know what is, and you attempt to dare me to Think out side of the Human Being Mind Box, Beloved.

    Yet you in all of your Trinity of Evil, they being Vain Ego, Envy and Jealousy all wearing the cloth of Malice, as you make claim that you are not in Need of a Spiritual Retreat ?

    You May Take This Or Leave It Alone, It Remain As Is, with or without your Believing Approval.

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
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