Black Poetry : ...The Only Time...

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    old peice i wrote...actually rhyme..but i just recorded the other day...kinda not feelin it cause this was somethin taht happend 3 yrs ago...anywayz,just droppin for sum feed...whutevzzzzz

    tha only time u see Lurk flash metal is when>times are hard...
    but before that ,best believe i pray in>rhymes to God...
    i say"Father,help me for im about to sin...
    there gonna be hatred comin my way and im counted in..
    this is battle Lord,that i only>tried to avoid...
    i aint goin back to jail all because Jay>lied to tha boyz...
    he tha one that messed up my coke money,my dough funny...
    thought he was my>bro but he,decided to >go fo' me.....
    so God,<whut in tha world should i do?>...
    clap my best friend myself ,or give tha job to one of tha crew?.."
    its on my mind and i have to make a decision quick....
    he got me tight,but i got to remeber that my visionz are sick...
    this nine is equipped,to end somebody's life in a jip...
    but behind all this shiet,lies a more surprisingly twist...
    you see Jay was that cat that saved my life....
    put me on to tha wayz of tha hustle and how to make thangz right...
    so now im stressed fam,wheeeeewww,wu bangaz gettin blazed at night...
    that dust is crayzy God,how i'm gonna take this flight??....
    without a care,without a stare of Mr.Death himself..?
    it gets hectic,WHY THA HELL I AINT PROTECT MY WEALTH..??
    "should i let this all go down crumblin because of money?
    you alwayz told me not to let tha snakes try to take sumthin from me..
    so im at tha crossroads,yeah,>Death and Life...
    whut to choose,?,how should i prove i >meant to do right?....
    its like,homie gon' die, either way,it aint right,
    Lord ,i know we dont play right,but this will be tha Only time....."Blow!! "

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    Death is that fine line
    Guns bring out hard times
    Open newspapers im pouring liquor all the time
    See I chose a route not like others
    I kill the rich-Give to the poor
    I kill the rich with envy
    Cause im a young black man yo
    The tides have turned from my gang banging days
    When I limped when I walked
    9Milli paved ways
    Told haters to stand attention
    Infared teach you
    Talk crazy-Shell shocked
    Bullets heat you
    Its death before dishonor
    In my young city streets
    A corupt mayor-Overpayed Govenor
    But hey who the hell cares
    Mr Death walks with me
    Lord has been trying to outreach me
    I close my eyes thinking its make believe
    The crossroads are coming
    When is my time to go
    Im lurking through these streets
    With the mind of a criminal

    Much Love Brother Lurk
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    Yeah sometimes the only time ends up truly being the last time. Your pen is aflame I see...
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    Very nice flow rhymin brotha. I most definitely enjoyed it. Had it's own rhythm.