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Watch Her Flow
Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
This story was inspired in part by something brotha oldsoul said last night

The judge looks over his half rims and says with the confidence of supremacy "I don't know why I bothered to hear this case. I guess I just wanted to see how much money you would spend in this futile attempt to fight for what you've never had. The fact is and always has been that the Negro has no rights that White men are bound to respect."

The devil is a liar only when he is not in absolute control. To the weak he tells the truth. Do they now have so much confidence in our weakness that they no longer see the need to lie?

Since I can not speak from a position of control I speak from the knowledge of who I am. :I am a man and I was created free. If I cannot be free by right then I will be free by wrongs. But I will be free.:

These few bold words cause such an uproar in the court the judge feels the need to bang his gavel. Still I continue.

"With all due respect I will not play these silly-@$$ed legal games with you. This is my life and I, not you, determine what it is worth."

The judge's face turns a remarkable shade of neon red such as one might not think possible on a human face. "You are totally out of order! You will sit down and keep quiet or I will have you escorted out of the court room and charged with contempt of court."

I look at the judge, then say the only thing any self-respecting, law-abiding and intelligent person could say in the face of legalized insanity. "Fcuk you!"

Then I turn and walk out. I know I will be taken down. Perhaps before I even reach the door. But if I have to go down let me go down like Nat. Let me go down like Fred, George and Jonathan. My ancestors will not witness the shame of me going down in cowardice. I do not seek glory. There will be no glory. I know tomorrow's newspapers will read "Courtroom security officials kill unruly terrorist whose violent outbursts frightened them into an act of justifiable homicide." I keep walking. I feel the piercing fire of ten bullets in my back. My spine, my heart explode as they are torn open. Blood wells up in my mouth. And with the blood I utter these words. "I have not yet begun to fight."

Then darkness. The darkness of blackness and with it peace. I am free.


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