Black People : the only people who give a **** about black people is us

let's get free....

black people fussing and fighting each other is really a waste of time.
the revolution will not be us attacking white people. the revolution will be us all working for a common cause.
we did it to elect obama. that is just a demo of what we can do if we decide to do it.

while we all have different outlooks on life, the smart black people will look for common cause.
just being real....
we were in bonded slavery for **** near 500 years....
at the very least it is going to take 100-250 years to break free of the chains....
maybe my view is slanted in a certain direction because i live in the most segregated city in america but....

right folks really don't like other black folks...and especially at the work place....

we will get's just going to take some more time and a lot of love.....

one love


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