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    One God, One Mind, One Aim, One Goal!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris


    In the Universality of all things, there is one Divine Energy and all Beings are moved, are alive, because not of many diverse of Energy, but because of that only One Divine Energy, and to the biological Being whom we refer to as being the Anthropomorphous Being, with an action of intelligence to guide their level of biological form, then is it not logical to conclude that there is only One Mind and from that Energy action there is established a method of formulating what has come to be accepted as thoughts, but it is how we use those Thoughts are what determine the quality of use of our Mind, and it is the way we utilize the Energy of Mind that determine the type and quality of Spirit we will reveal of ourselves.

    So it is the Divine Mind and the quality of thoughts that is made manifest from such Energy action that determine the quality of Life we will Live and if your Mind is not revealing a Divine Spirit, then the Spirit of you being, is not Divine, even though the Mind is unchangeable because it consist of a Divine Energy that allow you to process your thoughts without interfering with such a mental Thoughtful Process.

    So, The Mind is one Universal aspect of the Divine Energy that is in Action by us all, but it is the Thoughts that identify how we are using our Mind which identify the quality of our Thinking, which reveal the quality and type of our Thoughts, which become the the guide of our life, and if our Thoughts are not Divine Thoughts then the spirit we express is not a Divine spirit and the Body Life way of Living is of the action of your Mind Thoughts.

    So, a Divine Mind produce either Divine Thoughts or Profane Thoughts, but such Mental action does not change the Quality of the Mind, which is One in the Universality of All Thinking Beings.

    We Must utilize our Divine Mental Energy to develop and process Divine Thoughts and such thoughts are what determine what quality of Life Living you will perform by the action of our Mind, A Mind that is One, with Thoughts that are either Infinitely Divinely Plural or is Finitely Profane in the Plurality of its process.

    So the quality of the Thoughts are what determine the quality of the Being and today it is the Human Beings that project a Spirit that is not Divine and Black People who are not of the Human Beings but is from Divine Beings and has today taken on the Spirit of the Human Beings, you whose character is acquired from the Thinking of a Human Being and not of a Divine Being today.

    So it is the quality of Thoughts that must be consistent with the quality of the Mind, from which the thoughts Flow, and if your Thinking is not Divine, then your Life Living is in conflict with the Divinity of your Mind, the Mind that is unchanging and is Divine and it is the changing method of your thoughts that determine the quality of your Spirit, which is an expression of your Body Life Quality Of Living.

    Can you Understand That, Beloved?

    ONE AIM:

    Beloved over the course of our Body Life living there should be only One Aim and that Aim should be to live our Body Life in accordance to the Quality of our mind and since the Mind is of Divine Energy which does not change, then our Aim in Life way of Living should be to Think Divinely which will cause us to have a Spirit that is Divine and it is our Spirit that reveal the quality of Life we are Living.

    So there should be among Black people, only One Aim in our body life and that Aim must be in the interest of the Black so call Afrikan life with a determination to live Divinely, and by being an example of the Quality of Mind we all share, which is an action of Divine Energy, then such an Aim will have Afrika to become in the presence of Divine Black Beings once again, and with such an Aim for the oneness of Divinity, which we all are a part of, and when that become our Divine Reality again, then there will be present a Oneness of Mind and Aim that is Divine and if Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan is to ever Unite again, then it must be done from the Divine processing of our thoughts which will be Divine in our Thinking process, with the Divine Mind being the foundation from which all of our Thinking is arrived from, based upon the way we perceive and conceive of the action of things that we observe in our Body Life Living today.

    Without Divine Thoughts there can not be a Divine Aim and when the two are in conflict with each action, then you have the making of a confused and contradicting Spirit and from such a Spirit there from flow Evil Thoughts and it is the quality of your Thoughts that determine the quality of your Spirit and the Spirit is what reveal the quality of our body Life way of Living.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?


    In all things Universal, there is an Essence that give cause for all things To Be, and out from such a Divine Essence, all things are Formed, be it Animate or inanimate and all forms that are of the Divine Essence is Divine, and that Divine Essence is the Ethereal Entity of Eternal Infinity, in a state of sacred serene Constancy, giving cause forthe Divine Energy To Be, which is producing Divine Chaos from which Divine Order is arrived, yet from the sophistication of that Divine Essence, then It Is All Of that It Is, of that which is produced.

    Such an Essence is Divine, It give an independence of action in all of the forms that are produced, so take for instance the inanimate objects and form of the physical Universe, as they move and make their way back into the Divine Essence Of Eternal Infinity, those objects while alive, they move with exact precision in Divine Order, as they are under the power and the summon of the Divine Energy, yet it is the Divine Essence that does not interfere in the affairs of that which It has caused To be of the physical Divine Universe, such objects being the Stars and Planets which give cause for the attributes, the Ethereal Elements, which all is the Family attributes of the Divine Essence. (GOD)

    There is only One Divine Essence, ( GOD) and all that is, it come To Be, because of the Divine Energy Essence, therefore all there are in the physical Universe, Seen and Unseen, happen to be of Divine Quality, yet the action of all of those objects are given a level of independence in the action of their performance and when veered away from the Divine Path so verified by the mere fact of the action of the Divine Essence.

    So because of the freedom assigned to all things that are from the Divine Essence action, there is self inflicted an action of disorganization that we bring upon ourselves, based upon Will and Choice, and out of the Divine Realm of our form, Influence take the place of Willful Choice and in disorder, the consequence that come from such action is of no cause done by the Divine Essence. (God)

    The Divine Essence is the epitome of Perfect Order, so to lay Blame on the Divine Essence for the Evil we bring upon ourselves because of Thoughts we act out that is not of Divine Thinking, then it is that action that verify that such quality of Thoughts does not display a Divine Spirit but is of a Profane Spirit and it is the Spirit of the Being, that is a reflection of the quality of your Thoughts and not of the Mind, because the Divine Mind is no more than a component of the Body economy just as those other components that form the Body Life, example such as you being able to hold things, to walk, visualize, taste, smell and so forth, those are the ethereal action of your Body function, so those body functions are Divine, but the consequence that come from such a Function is what determine the quality of the action that come from such a Body Life performance.

    So even though there may be untold numbers of Attributes that reveal the action of the Divine Essence in the Universe, there after all is said and done, Is Only One God Essence, that Which Is Divine, Just As all Of The Attributes Of The Divine Essence are Divine, but not all of the performance that are acted out by them.

    So the Question may be, does Evil come out from that which is Divine?

    The Answerer is a Precise No, because Divinity does not beget Evil, but Evil can be performed from the use of the Divine Energy, causing not the Divine Energy to be responsible for the action that you perform by the use of your own act of perception and concept, which is based upon the ability the Body Life come with, in order to be able to Think and Reason Logically and Rationally, which the Divine Mind serve as a foundation giving you the freedom to make decisions based upon not your Mind, but on your Thoughts, which our senses plays a direct role in determining the quality and action to be taken based upon our Thinking ability which must be of Divine Quality , that is if we are to relate to the Oneness of the Divine Essence. ( God)



    The need of Goals in life serve as a reminder that you are not in control of your body life and that you now are in competition for those things that once came naturally with the Divinity of Life, meaning that some where along the path of Time, something happen to the Body Life of the Black Divine Beings that caused us to lose our Divinity, meaning that we lost control of our Divine way of Thinking, because it is by our thoughts do we construct our body life path for our Body Life to travel and if our Thinking capacity is not of Divine ability to profoundly Reason, then the Body life of the Divine Being become transformed to assume the identity of an alien method of Thinking and all thoughts that are not Divinely conceived, then woe to the Thinking capacity of those once Divine Beings who have lost the ability to Think Divinely and with such a handicap of the thought process, we profanely reason the want to have a Goal for our Body life and the Goal become so diverse until, Evil become the Master of the once Divine Thoughts of the Black Divine Beings.

    There is no virtue in being Diverse, the virtue is in the Oneness of All that have come forth out of the Oneness of the Divine Essence that produce a variation of the same Oneness of all things.

    The Divine Essence is the verification of the Ethereal Divine Oneness and even though a variation may come to be taught to be of a diverse many, the many are no more than a fraction of the One, never disconnecting from the Divine Oneness of the Divine Essence.

    Black People need no goal, what Black People need to come to know is the obligation we have to become as we once were, which is One Divine People with a Method of Thinking Divinely and in the community of our Divine Thoughts, the Divine Mind that change not, it become again our Divine guide throughout our Divine Body life.

    The Divine Essence has no goal, the Divine Energy, has no goal, the Divine Mind has no goal, the Three is the Action of One Divine Cause, separate the three Action, they are Not.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    Because when we do, then the Black Nation will begin to rise out from its slumber in iniquity and Afrika will become the Feeding Trough from which we all will partake from again.

    Only the Ignorant Intelligent Afrikan Is Angry In The Presence Of The Divine Truth, Beloved.

    Study To Show Yourself To Be An Entity Of That Which Is Divinely True And Real Beloved.

    Judge Not That Which You Know nothing About, But Desire To Know The Divine Truth That Reside Within The Mythological Dwelling Place Of Your Intuitive self, Beloved, The Self That You Have no Influence Over, Just The Need Of Knowing How To Submit To That Which Is Of The Divine Essence, The Verification Of Eternal Infinity.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    I Acknowledge The Black World inherit With Divine Potential, I Do So With The Most Humble Of Divine Respect For What Black People have The Potential To Become Again, Divine In Our Thinking.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
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