Black Relationships : The One That Got Away

Sometime I feel like a crazy person, I've been super obsessed with this man since the day I layed eyes on him. We had like a lil fling [never got serious]-that ended but we still stayed friends. Then he switched states and now we hardly talk. I go back & forth with myself of if I want him as a lover or friend, perferably both.
So, do you have any stories of past love or that special person that you feel got away? Please share on how to deal with it or get over it.

Well, no sense in dwelling on it just pining. "A closed mouth don't get fed."

So, if this guy is still available. Call him or reach out to him somehow. Have a conversation and see where he's coming from.

If a long-distance relationship is do-able for you two until you can be together, I say "Go for it!"
I guess I can say I have had one that got away. I mean back in Highschool I had a guy I was "talking" to and he and I broke up as teenagers do. And I saw him again like five years after we graduated and HUNNY he was fyne. But you know I don't regret anything. I wonder from time to time what my life would have been like if we never broke up. I think if you are curious enough you will contact him and see what can be. And if it turns out to be nothing then you haven't missed anything. But if you reconnect and it works out then hey see where it takes you. Some times you have to walk away to realize something is real.


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