Black Relationships : The One That Got Away

Sometime I feel like a crazy person, I've been super obsessed with this man since the day I layed eyes on him. We had like a lil fling [never got serious]-that ended but we still stayed friends. Then he switched states and now we hardly talk. I go back & forth with myself of if I want him as a lover or friend, perferably both.
So, do you have any stories of past love or that special person that you feel got away? Please share on how to deal with it or get over it.

Hmmm. Well, No, I can't think of any that "got away."

But, there have been quite a few I "threw back!" LOL!
I like that ole sayin..

if u love something set it free

if it comes back to you it's yours.. if it doesn't it never was

with regard to past relationships ..

the past is the past and imma good grl so i'm the one they let get away ..

i like to think that if u thinkin about someone in this way like urself then perhaps they are thinkin bout u too....

u'll never know if u don't reach....

i mean i'm friends with one boy from the past ... we have a beautiful son together... we make the friendship work otta love for the child... ten yrs of torture, mad beefs with other chicks, jail and three more babies with another woman later he says... "the og's told me i was a fool and should have stuck wit ya.... " but hey

i deserve the best ... and we didn't work as boy and woman...

so in any event if this man is worth it meaning he respects you, himself, has proven himself worthy of ur friendship and makes ur heart sing then go for it...

but if he ain't up to your standards then don't.....

only u know tho...


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