Chief Elder Osiris : The One Most Important Act That Must Come From Black People.

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    The One Most Important Act That Must Come From Black People.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, when it come to Black People there is only one most important act we should be involved in and that act must be for Black people to reclaim our Divine Mind, because it has become self evident that Black People today, operating under the guidance of the Human Being mind, is only good for the purpose of elevating the Human Beings and those Human Beings are people who have raped the Mind of Black People, a people descended from Black Divine Beings and in Divinity of the Beings, the Mind of those Beings are Divine and it is the Divine Mind of our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors that qualify Divine Beings to be able to reveal a Spirit that is of a value and status of Goddess and Gods, while active in the Body Life, a Life that is lived in Harmony, Order, and Balance with both Divine Universe.

    The Human Mind of Black People has been made to become Toxic to the body life living of most so call Black Afrikans and it is the Toxicity of the Human Being mind that poison the thoughts of most Black People who humbly commit to be now under the guidance of the Human Being Mind, a Mind that is profane in its every action, an action that attacked the Mind of the Black Divine Beings and caused Black people to not know who in this Hellish World we are today.

    The so call Black Afrikan does not know what should be held to be a top priority in our lives today and because of the Lost of the Black Spiritual connection to the Land call Afrika, and to each of our Black selves collectively, we hold no Divine Spiritual connection to our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, so we go running around attempting to appear and sound intelligent when speaking about the condition of Black People, when in an attempt to classify by the act of condemning each other based on the rearranging by white/Arab depiction of various aspects of our Phenotype, as we willfully enter the Melting pot of those people with a history of abusing and oppressing Black people.

    Have you ever notice that there is a certain type of Black Afrikan who Want to be intelligent, they who go around attempting to appear and sound so Afrikan by pointing out certain changes that the oppressors have made to certain terms label to be Afrikan in nature, when in fact all that claim to be Afrikan is not Divinely Afrikan and because of the fact that the Black Afrikan Mind has become of the Toxic Mind of the Human Being, we now in our attempt to sound and appear so Afrikanized we come off appearing to be the representative of Ignorant Intelligence as we put emphasis upon those Black Afrikans who use the name of Osiris instead of Ausar and Isis instead of Auset and other terms of Afrikan that is not of so call Afrikan origin and those ignorant intelligent Afrikans are those making the claim about the validity of Names, when in fact it is not the Name that make the person but the person is who make the Name in Life.

    A Name is a part of the Body Life Economy, an economy that is external and internal in nature and it is the Nature of the Being that qualify to be Divine or Profane, regardless of the type of Name the Body wear, so it is the Ignorant Intelligent so call Afrikan who is absent of the knowledge of the Divine Essence, both Universe, and of the Black Afrikan Self, and in the midst of such Ignorance, the opinion of such a fool carry no weigh concerning how the ignorant Intelligent Afrikan believe about anything that is Divinely Afrikan, because the Ignorant Intelligent Afrikan operate under the guidance of the Human Being Mind, a Mind absent of the knowledge of the Divine Self.

    So it is the one most important act that must come from Black People and it most certainly is not about the name we wear nor the culture we display as Black so call Afrikans, it is more about the act we render in pursuit of the Black so call Afrikan Liberation and Unity, and to cause Afrika to become Afrika again, anything less done by Black People is no more than vain showmanship in pursuit of attention by the Ignorant Intelligent Afrikans claiming to be of the nature of the Human Being, while attempting to condemn Names classified by the Human Beings that are of a a Universal Symbolic Domain such as Isis / Auset and Osiris / Ausar, Nu / Nut, Petah/ Khapera, etc:

    At this moment in Black People lives the one most important act that should be of Divine Priority of importance to Black People, it should be to Liberate the Mind of Black People from the Mind status of the Human Beings and to cause Afrika to become Afrika again and if your concentration is not upon your Mental status and Afrika condition, as I share this Divine Truth with you, then know, that you are a self confessed Ignorant Intelligence, moving under the Toxic Curse of the Mind of the oppressors of Black People and the Rapist of Mother Afrika, as you indicate the ignorance of the value of a Name or a fashionable dialectic of claimed Afrikan Language that is not of Divine Cosmic Origin originating from our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black First Way Ancestors, those goddesses and gods we have no comprehensive Intelligent Knowledge and Understanding of today, what foolish Ignorant intelligent Afrikans we have become today, wearing the Mind of our oppressors.

    If you do not know your Black Life origin then you do not know the Meaning and presence of your Black Life today and where there is an Ignorance claiming to be intelligent and do not know the value of the Mental capacity of a Divine Mind, then you find yourself believing about your Black Body Life what you do not know but need to know about your Black Body Life, because only such Divine Knowledge and Understanding is what will qualify you to be able to act to Liberate the Lives of Black People and to cause Afrika to become Afrika again and without a present status for your Black Body Life to Divinely experience again, then know that the present condition of Afrika and your Human Being Mind is to be the Toxic Curse for your Body Life to continue to experience, as your Human Being Mind will continue to Lie and Deceive you into believing that we Black People are intelligent in the midst of our Human Being Mind Ignorance, a state of Mind status that has no shame or self respect.

    A people that has no self respect nor shame of being in a condition of Ignorant Intelligence, is a People that cultivate the present condition of Afrika today and the state of condition of the body Life of the so call Black Afrikan Human Being, believing all is well and normal for black People being in the present status we are, in this evil world today, a people who has the audacity to have an opinion about something you do not know about, which is the Divine Essence, both Universe, and of the Black Body Life Self and the present condition of Afrika, and it is a Divided Black Nation that serve as Divine Proof of what I share about the Black Mind, is Divinely True.

    This I share With You Can Be Accepted Or Left Alone, The Penalty Of Such Ignorant Intelligence Fall Not Upon Me, But Upon The Mind Of Those Who Wear Not The Divine Mind Of Our Ancient Cosmic Black First Way Afrikan Ancestors Of A Universal Divine Nature.

    Do You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]