Black Poetry : The Old Black Man Cried, Pain No More, Glory Be To God Pain No More

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    The Old Black Man Cried

    Within these wall I say to thee.
    The foundation that is left to thee.
    The ceilings of truth shall prevail thy love.
    Within these walls thy heart speaks.
    Within these walls there have been many coats.
    Within these walls I have been preserved for a greater war
    There shall be no conversance,
    if the foundation shall crumble and fall.
    Let thy walls be the strength of thy rock.
    Let thy cover bring beauty to all.
    Let not the frame confuse thy thoughts.
    Let not the windows,
    become dirty that surround within thy walls.
    The foundation is strong that you may not fall.
    Within these walls the scars have faded ,
    within the surface of thy coat.
    The glossy paint that creates,
    the surface for which it stands.
    Within these walls I give to thee.
    The greatness of women and men.
    Within these walls.

    Within the wrinkles above my head,
    the trails and tribulations to create man.
    The wisdom of the Almighty,
    the blood that my fore fathers shed.
    The making of a black man I give to
    thee my son, listen careful
    I am the ancestor who will pass you the key.
    To be a man is responsibility to the soul.
    To be a man is a warrior not a role.
    To be a man is the king to his family tree.
    To be a man is to create nations
    with the wife the life line of your seed.

    Every wrinkle above my brow
    etched in a decade of nations
    that flowed through my vein.
    The ancestors summons me
    to come home, you shall now
    pass on the wisdom to a new
    nation of men.

    I have been to the mountain and return.
    I the old soul died and return.
    For every blister upon my hand.
    If my hands can sing
    the glory of a king I pass over my crown.
    Believing in an iron brace,
    that squeeze the mind even when man is asleep.
    The cotton that grows upon the doors,
    The chains are heavy release the brace off the mind.
    Wisdom will be the palace that you will forfeit within.
    The realms justified by your achievements the stroll
    That writes your legacy in this life.

    I ordain you the king and I forfeit my crown to pass it
    On to another foundations of black men.
    I rise to the mountains of human consciousness,
    I sing the songs of righteousness,
    let no man fall under. The warriors
    of the chariots that sings the holy songs.
    The chariots bare the wings of angels,
    the heavens open, to Gods promises.

    Everyman shall smile upon the holy grounds.
    The waters rise to the mountains,
    the sea's embrace the oceans in harmony,
    the word love has taken a
    new meaning in the paradise of Gods Garden.
    Peace be still as the world be ordained.
    Taste the fruits of diversity,
    there will be no sad song. We shall over come.

    The drums beat, the children sing,
    the chariots flee, within the diversities of men.
    I rise you to the mountains,
    I rise you to the heavens,
    I rise you to the golden gates of heaven.
    All man will sit and drink as one.

    The splendors of the silence that shadows,
    the surroundings of thy voice,
    I shall not hide within darkness,
    A voice to release the darkness that centers my universe.
    Oh thou eyes are filed with despair.
    I continue to flap my wings.

    A voice to cry a symbol of dignity.
    Oh say can you see by the inner depths of my realms,
    Shall I sit in humble,
    Itemized beyond the hand of clutch
    Aspersions of a spoken thought,
    A voice I shall not cry.
    The beauty that shines upon its roots.
    Liberty of thou may sing.
    I shall not be thy warp to turn thy other cheek.
    I will now break the chains, and throw them
    In the deep darkness of the sea.
    I shall no longer sing a victims
    Songs I have now gained my wings.

    I shall lean upon the rock of forgiveness,
    I give to thee my burdens upon thou rock,
    Thy shall not fear, for thou is within,
    the surface of thou heart,
    I fear not the world,
    the golden promise of the lord,
    I walk upon the valley of destruction,
    for thou protects me from thou self,
    as thy enemy that plans my destruct,
    I drink of the holy water that lace my inner peace,

    The lord is thou Shepard I shall not want,
    I bow down upon thy knees,
    I pray for thou brother,
    and drink of the fountain of forgiveness,
    forsaken self, I give to thee the directions,
    of Gods love, cry not for the forsaken,
    rise him to the lord.

    Thou burdens upon thy earth,
    the golden cup of thy words,
    the silver linings of great hopes,
    doves that shines upon the light,
    Sing not the song of defeat,
    the candles of the prophets light shall lead,
    the lord is thy Shepard, I shall not want.
    I the ancestor shall now pass on.
    My work has been completed
    Upon the earth. Take the fire of the torch
    Protect it that life shall never
    go out.

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