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    The Ntty Gritty foundation of the Greek name Luke

    By Andre Austin

    Luke is a Greek word of Loukas named after an ancient city Lucania, Italy.

    I went to Wikipedia ( and they report:
    Lucania - Wikipedia


    There are several hypotheses on the origin of the name Lucania, inhabited by Lucani, an Osco-Samnite population from central Italy. Lucania might be derived from Greek λευκός, leukos meaning "white", cognate of Latin lux ("light"). According to another hypothesis, Lucania might be derived from Latin word lucus meaning "sacred wood" (cognate of lucere), or from Greek λύκος, lykos meaning "wolf".

    The first hypotheses was in line and in tune with my understanding of the Lukewarm church of Laodicea was spiritual blind in need of salve for their eyes was using Loukas/Luke as a pun for Leukomas= a dense white opacity in the cornea of the eye.

    Loukas would be an acceptable pun because the sound of loukas is “Lookas”.

    If you went to ancient Egypt and asked for a deity with white opacity (Obscurity) to the eyes in their mythology the legend of Tefnut placing white clouds over the eye (sun) of Ra would immediately pop out.

    The root word of Tefnut was spit and Lukewarm is spit out.

    We can also consult the Oxford dictionary linking leuke with 1.League, 2.Luke and 3.Lion. Tefnut was symbolized as Lion headed.

    I don’t see how Christendom got away with classifying Lukewarm as drinking water instead of a metaphor for balanced eyesight. And if we dig into the Egyptian Literature when Horus and satan battle it out each wining for 12 hours Satan swallows up Horus light (eye/sun) then spits it out and it then restores to its health/balance. This follows the same format in Rev chapter 3.


    The Maronite’s who were before the Catholics, wrote an epistle to Laodicea saying they were doing good deeds and keep looking for judgement day. This was written around the same time the Book of Revelations was. The Catholics attempted to give it a late date to “try” to discredit it.

    To have eyes of flame was a Hot-temper. The Egyptians and Greeks considered Health to be a balance between the Hot & Cold. Good eyesight was a protection from the Hot & Cold.

    Luke was a Doctor and I lean toward him being a mythological eye doctor writing down what eye witnesses saw.
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