Brother AACOOLDRE : The NSA in the Times of the Bible


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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

“Using religion for the good of the State was a Roman technique long before the Flavian Dynasty. In the following quote, which could well have been studied by the young Titus flavius (who destroyed Jerusalem in 70AD) during his education at the imperial court, Cicero not only prefigures much of Christian theology but also actually advocates for the state to persuade the masses to adopt the theology most appropriate for the empire. Cicero States:

“We must persuade our citizens that the gods are the Lords and rulers of all things and what is done , is done by their will and authority; and they are the great benefactors of men, and know who everyone is, and what he does, and what sins he commits, and what he intends to do, and with what piety he fulfills his religious duties” (Cicero , The Laws, 2:15-16)

The government in the USA tells the masses of the people they must keep a mountain of data on them for their benefit from the evils of terrorism. When in reality the data collection is to control the masses just in case they want to reverse their representation of lobbyist, corporations and money to their disadvantage. There is no control without having a data bank of behavior, thoughts and deeds of the Masses whether through a confession box or bugs, snitches and camera surveillances. See the mind of the beast in the Bible and compare it with Roman Senator Cicero:

1. “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold or hot” (Rev 3:15)

2. ‘The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books (now computers see (Rev 21:12)

3. The best of them all is to be found in Romans 13:1; 5 linking the State with religious submission. “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established…therefore it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience”. This is why you pay taxes and submit to a Census. But in reality the messianic Jews considered paying Taxes/Census an awful sin and the work of Satan, a word first used and applied to King David who was hated by the Israelites see (I Chronicles 21:1)

So it appears that the Government, religious institutions and Corporations formed a trinity of evil against the masses. So just how do they operate what is their modus operandi?

The first step to make an individual group or organization to be misunderstood. With malice you must slant everything to the worst possible interpretation. That’s the first step by the government. Then the media with blessing from the religious sell out must propagandize against them (Like associating Terrorism with the Egyptian religion of Isis & Osiris). Use the machinery that shapes and molds public opinion. Use it against the freedom fighter and the truth teller. Make the people think he’s not fighting for freedom through character assassination. Make them think that his fight is extreme and something inimical to the good interest of his own people. And then the master stroke has been casted, when you have the people thinking the way you forced them to think, made them believe, then you can deal with that militant messianic freedom fighter anyway you want and their will be no cries for justice for him. He’s now nailed to the wall. And the walls will come tumbling down upon him.

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