Black People : The Norm Vs The Exception(s):

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    Good afternoon, posters...

    And the good news:

    You're some of the exceptions...

    But the bad news:

    Even you need and I want you to keep in mind this too?

    The norm is a bad reflection of so into denial even people in our midst are (up to and including posters on other forums)!

    I. e., most (if not all) exibit a lack of seriousness about it all, be it hearsay and gossip, ad naseum--as well as about folk who need to resolve their own issues and problems (or get help if they can't)!

    It's gone from Mike Tyson and Robin Givens--Bobby Brown and his (now ex) wife--to the two black singing (now ex) lovebirds--etc.

    Folk are so into social b. s. and/or media hyped crappola:

    Never mind the disturbed black brother who slayed a bunch of complete strangers in the D. C. area (for the sake of a blackmail scheme)?

    Or the Muslim fella (who is alleged to have had contacts with two of the 9/11/01 suicide jet highjackers) and who did likewise last week??

    So not only are some of our folk out of touch with reality:

    Also so much of today's national security mainstays...

    My and the and more to the point:

    Do know and understand why what some of you say and post is a tad bit more important and relevant as well as significant than you might realize and recognize...

    Another one from an admirable and an ally...


    Keep on keeping on...


    Take care...