Black Poetry : The Nights

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    The Nights

    During the daylight hours, I’ve lived and played
    Wallowing in hearts…between legs, I’ve laid

    Gave excessive amounts of time, just trying to find
    A place in my role that I could call mine
    Among the street’s excitement…and the flames of eternal bliss
    The maiden at home. Heart always amiss

    There were countless moments of genuine tenderness
    Like a noontime Rendezvous, for uninhibited sex
    Along a mountain’s view, or up nature’s way
    So much to be (((hAd))) in the brightness of day

    The night
    O, the night
    I’ve suffered the bully’s jeer
    Struggled mightily…
    To conquer my fear

    I failed

    Got caught up in the laughter of family night movies
    Stretched out on the floor…letting a child’s heart soothe me

    The moans and groans of spouses at play
    Was often heard…in the middle of the day

    Layer upon layer of deceit and games
    From player to lover. Always back again
    That everyone knows, ‘twas never the aim
    Didn’t want life at home to be a complicated thing

    I failed…

    I failed to embrace the security of home
    Never to allow eyes and heart to roam

    A master deceptor. That’s the game I played
    All for the chance to conquer and get laid
    Didn’t want to lose my family…my home
    Just needed a lover to keep my game strong

    I prided my ingenuity…the tricks of my trade
    Patted myself on the back for the sincere role I played
    Day-after-day, I allowed the dogs out
    Purity. Sincerity. Tossed all about

    Started to believe cat’s manure didn’t stink
    Let the games out the closet after a few too many drinks
    Rumor begot my once happy home
    A detective
    A lawyer
    Left me all alone

    To endure the nights.

    The daylight rendezvous for excitement and sex
    The picnics in the park…and afternoon treks
    So hollow the moments that once gave me rise
    Blinded my future with tear-filled eyes

    I can see clearly now
    In the middle of the night