Black People : The Next BUMP / HUMP / Is Coming and Optimism Won’t Slow It Down


Jul 2, 2003
Are You Ready?
For What was asked.. What Ever!

Have you noticed after any Republican is in office we go thru a crash a recession or world collapse of economies. It was less than a
decade ago we went thru one and Obama saved the ball.

The Republicans' are on a drunken crash course to crash this democracy .. we
know why right?

Trump held a mirror up and now they all see. Some get mad about it, others celebrate it and there still are the non-participants. All the past racism and feeling of contempt and disdain shown towards us and many others are as true as we have claimed from day one.

The world is confused and frightened.

I haven't been confused as much as having moments of real concern for my health and well being.
Is that the same as frightened? No I don't believe so.

I haven't coward is a corner and a called out loudly for mercy to anyone yet.
I have been praying for peace and better days, blessing and better health and strength for those suffering as we hedge against this Virus and attempt to return to some form of normalcy.

Good the last administration is out.. a new wind is blowing and the optimism is flowing much better than it has in four years.

COVID-19 infections are on the rise across the U.S. and around the world, even in countries that once thought they had contained the virus. The reason they haven't done so yet is it is making some sound intelligent, needed and rich.
Many others just don't care to take responsibility and admit they played a part in this pandemics long lasting ruins.

No Mask. No compassion or remorse .. Had me wondering is there an antidote really, and many in the slick have access and we don't to this whole thing. Because they surely are defiant like they know or have something we dont.

The aftermath of Covid 19 will alter how we live for decades, gatherings and crowds. How we socialize and gather. Suspicions ( all that mistrust, belief and accusations running wild ) will be up, Skepticisms will be up.
Enough Blame all around. No politician taking responsibility.. in fact nothing new about that.
Politicians have been skirting the issues for centuries.

Using what they now experience and scream is unfair and needs to stop. Cancel Culture!
Well haven't it been used on African Americans and others around the world for centuries.
Yes we have been victim's of a cancel culture.

A canceling in open view, plain site, in a public square in many cases. As many turned the other way and said.. it isn't us. So stay out of that skirmish.

Well until they feel effected many will not care what happens to someone else. Those that do.. are taken out, threatened or gone, silenced somehow.

Now they are asking us to Stop using Social Media ( causing the money from sponsors and supporters to dry up or become non-existent ) to shame them into stepping down, moving aside and to wash their hands and stop infecting us with their corruptions.
To finally Do the Right Things

There will be a new meeting of people, those willing to venture out. Looking for communication and partnership.

What can be done to ease the ripples of higher prices because global shipping is currently being impacted? Reports show global shipping is now thrown in chaos. The slowed down economy is global so besides prices going up this summer, there will be shortages again. They are going to basically gouge us as much as possible.

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