Black People : The New Paradigm

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    The New Paradigm By Darryl James

    In my last column, I discussed the problem of the current paradigm for African Americans.
    Our problem is that we are going in circles seemingly without direction, in desperate need of a new and consistent paradigm. The best one that we could embrace is the one that existed previously. We should simply revisit the paradigm that brought us through slavery, Jim Crow and a revolution that should still be moving.
    Our new paradigm should be to reverse integration, so that we can once again accustom ourselves to living with each other. When we begin to reverse integration, we must return to our communities with renewed and focused political power resulting in more police protection (from a police force which reflects the community); more services (schools, after-school programs, parks, street re-paving, etc.); and more self-sustaining commerce (Black-owned businesses supported by the community, while supporting the community).
    A new paradigm for Black America would be to discuss forward movement for all of us—not the rich, not the males or the females and not the famous, but all of us.
    Our paradigm should be to follow groups such as the Jews, making a commitment to our own preservation as a group, not to individuals we hope will become “leaders.”
    No more “window dressing.” We can no longer be satisfied with a Black face at the front door, or even the sole dark face in the CEO’s office. One of us can show up and attempt to assimilate, but having one dark face in the company has failed to open the door for others.
    Our new paradigm should be about getting our own, as opposed to building the commerce of others who sell us shiny things. Yes, shiny things. Blacks get five dollars and spend four on a truck, some cheap jewelry and some “nice clothes,” and Cosby is a fool for saying that it is only poor Blacks because even Puffy wants to be ‘hood rich.

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    "If we take care of our community first, the community will take care of us.”

    Wow, another great article. I love it. The above quote is definitely a keeper.