Black People : The New Millenium Minstrel Show....

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    The New Melinnium Minstrel Show

    Underground News Network

    Liberty stands still, AND DO... for there is no liberty, no freedom for the Black man, woman or anyone else in this society save the rich and elite, the minute percent of the population that control the masses. In this world today we don't even have the freedom to breathe pure air, drink clean water or eat nourishing food grown from the ground for it is all contaminated. We are afraid of the fruits and vegetables, hence making it hard to be vegetarian or vegan; they are sprayed with pesticides, insecticides and genetically crossbred with whatever the government chooses to further experiment with. They take our wombs unbeknownst to us for no reason, just to further desecrate us, as they have done everything Black on this Earth from the pyramids to the Great Sphinx. How long will the gods be slaves to the devil?

    We live in a land stolen from the Natives in a drunken deal...the U.S. continues to terrorize every nation on Earth and force its evil ways on us all. Attacking now the last of the Mohicans, the Arab and Moslem nations, for the rest of the countries are already under tight U.S. grip while the so-called government are just puppets for the hidden puppet masters. Meanwhile we sit around and watch all this take place. If you are easily offended, then stop here but don't get mad cause you aint mad at Eminem or Jigga when they curse or say "*****."

    I sit and wonder has that blue/green dye and lye from that perm got your brain so fried that you can't see? Or is it that Kentucky Fried Chicken...oops did I say chicken, cant call it that no more just "KFC" cause it **** sure aint chicken genetically engineered whatever for the day to destroy the masses. Hell if it was and is chicken I still don't want it. Lord knows what drugs they pumpin into that chicken in the coop along with the steroids and hormones, that drive them so mad they attack each other to bludgeons then their beaks have to be removed. Eat that, I don't think so, and believe me I grew up on chicken, but then I woke up. You are so happy that its on sale 29 cents a pound. You go home and fry it up in some canola oil (jet fuel, lubricant)or whatever is on sale that day... And if you still eatin swine in 2003, like the sayin goes if ones choose to be led as cattle, then they deserve to be slaughtered as such.

    Pepsi, Coca Cola Now Accused of Causing Cancer

    Fresh on the heels of charges that its soft drinks contain high levels of pesticides, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are now being accused of causing cancer, miscarriages and kidney failure in Kerala and West Bengal.

    The West Bengal Government on Friday said its Pollution Control Board (PCB) has found high levels of toxic metals in waste released from Coca-Cola and PepsiCo plants.

    The announcement comes two days after the Kerala Pollution Control Board made a similar claim regarding Coca-Cola's Plachimada plant.

    The West Bengal PCB, which collected sludge from six Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola bottling plants in the state for testing, discovered that cadmium levels in the effluent of at least two of the plants at Taratala in Kolkata, and one in Dankuni in Hoogly district, were above the hazardous level of 50 mg per kg, West Bengal's Environment Minister Manab Mukherjee said.

    Read Complete Article at

    We are judged in this society by the most lawless and evil men on the planet, pedophiles, murderers, thieves etc. How can the lawless create and enforce law? Do you remember all the hell raisers left Europe (Your Rope) for America to raise hell as they pleased in the New Land? The Babylon Whore sent them with a master plan to steal a land and build it off the blood, sweat and tears of the gods which once ruled over them. Then after breaking our backs, minds and spirits, they say lets set these ******* free, but ***** trust you aint free in 2003.

    OJ killed a white woman, Kobe allegedly raped one...***** don't you remember massa used to beat your black *** raw, even lynch yo *** for lookin at his white she-devil, and hell why do you want to? Man don't you know she is nothing more than an upgraded ape trying to strengthen her doomed species with your seed.

    Oh ***** you want to repatriate? Go back to Africa smitten with AIDS and poverty, after your ancestors bust they *** and died on the way here and built up this land. Not only that you want the devil that snatched your *** up to pay your way, HA. Why do you want to return to a country that has been raped by these demons and constantly being poisoned each day? Who is this sick ******* poisoning the foods at the grocery stores in South Africa with cyanide? Oh, its that same ever loving Uncle Sam that's poisoning your black *** over here in the supposed "land of the free."

    Yeah you gotta go to work, pay yo bills, and pray to that white god that beat your *** for 400 years. Even the demon Pope got paid off slavery, charging a quarter to save the souls of slaves dying on the way to this place. Then massa let you go free and told you sit in the back of the bus, don't drink off the white fountain, separate schools, etc for the ****** and you got mad. Sit in the back, **** why you wanna sit with they *** at all?

    No matter how much you tithe at church on Sunday, pastor aint gon save you, he can't even save himself. Look at that pastor up on the pulpit preachin after lying up with Sister Jenkins and drunk on Saturday night. Then Sunday morning Pastorleaves his big ol house, pulls up in his new Lexus the congregation bought, into his reserved parking space at the church. Not to mention Deacon Brown got a percentage of the church's collection for the day in his pocket. Meanwhile you riding the church van to work along with others who can't afford a car, your rent is late, but your tithes are on time. Then we have Bishop Caldwell actually paying whites $5 to attend his Sunday church service and $10 an hour on Thursday. I know some of yall don't make that an hour at yo jobs...and what is he paying his poor black members ZERO. The congregation of sheep, or shall I say cattle await slaughter.

    Oh and I aint forgot you playa playa....wit cha bling bling and all your hoes? Him a bad man eh? NOT! Selling crack and ignorance to your own people while your Uncle Sam pimps your dumb ***. **** the man got you doing a great deal of the work for his ***. Brother why you sellin that **** to your own people my mother, brother, sisters, etc. Hell, you probably sell it to your own momma if she got the loot some of yall even take food stamps. Don't you know we all the same people and we in this **** together? Black is all day long and forever, is there no honor amongst thieves, no ghetto code of conduct? Guess not. I remember a time a boy could get killed for a pair of expensive sneakers, now yall kill for even less. But yall gang bangers wont kill a cop for **** after they then ran up in yo spot, beat yo ***, took all ya loot, and tore up your mommas house. Yeah I know a lot of yall still livin in ya momma basement, sorry ***.

    Yall going to do a drive by, yeah bust a cap up in somebody ***, but when the police come its "hands inna di air," and you **** sure freeze. What happened playa I thought you was bad, a gangsta **** you got all the guns. You shot up my brother yesterday cause he aint have yo money, not to mention the little girl that took a stray bullet cause she was outside playing in her yard at the wrong time. But when the cops come yo *** is runnin scared, shoutin 5-0! ***** you aint ****, cause you **** sure afraid of these lawless demons. All the while, they lounge, bathe in and drink clean water, eat fine, uncontaminated food, laugh at you and think of more ways to keep you ignorant.

    The devil got you killin for him, slaving on yo job, singin and dancin for his *** like the old "step and fetch it," hell its gotten worse than ever. Yall busy getting hot in here takin off your clothes, because Nelly tell ya to and this ***** aint got the sense of a genetically engineered soybean [poison]. Yeah you do need to take off your clothes, take Tommy Hilfinger, Polo and all those other names off your ***. Tommy then told yall ****** he aint made his clothes for yall but still you insist on wearin it cause the buffoons on TV got in on. While you shakin your ***, getting hot, drinkin 40's, smokin blunts, askin Maury to find yo baby's daddy, puttin on your Sunday church clothes, workin on massa's modern day plantation, he is steady killin yo black ***. By the time you figure it out, it'll be another page in history.

    The National Security Advisor is a black woman, the Secretary of Defense a black man, and the head of training for the FBI is a black woman. Massa has his agents keepin your *** in check and you aren't even aware of what's going on. We aint talkin to these fools blacks pretending to be white, pretending to be black? WTF? You figure it out if the lye (lie) aint fried your brain cells too bad. You watchin BET all day [Black Entertainment Television] but it aint even black. BET is owned by Viacom, [whites] like the whole of the media, which is controlled by the government, the puppets for the hidden hand. So remember these people just sold their souls for a dollar, pieces of paper with dead ******** on it, and you worship it like mindless fools. Like I said these white devils are just upgraded apes genetically upgraded by us [Blacks] not the original black man, but the Black gods that came down and nurtured this Earth. The white man had to create the illusion of money to feel good about himself, the lowly being that he is then uses that to make a ***** feel less than, when we are the true gods on this Earth.

    I mean you tell me, how intelligent do you have to be to sing about being hot and takin your clothes off? DUH! and how serious can you take a grown *** man with a bandaid on his face? Not a personal attack on Nelly cause he can't help himself the ******** own his ***, they tell him what to do, what to say and he don't know no **** better cause he blinded by the dollars. I mean the song is catchy, I remember the original song, "I feel like bustin loose, bustin loose?" Nelly is just an example since he is at the top of the charts right now along with Bouncy [Beyonce]. How much talent does it take to grease your *** up, get half naked and slide across a stage and her daddy is her manager, come on pops, stop exploiting your daughter for the white man's dollars? Meanwhile the video set is full of white men [perverts], who want nothing more than to further desecrate and exploit the black women. HOES put some clothes on and be women.

    On that note there is actually a law against indecent exposure meaning if your naked *** is caught outside you are suppose to be arrested. Go figure, when all I see on TV is nothing but indecency. You know its bad when you have to turn off the TV cause the commercials are sick and the cartoons are off the chain. I have not seen a commercial yet without someone half naked or some sort of sexual innuendo, who the hell wants to get an orgasm from their shampoo? How sick is this, I saw a Snapple commercial where two bottles were dressed up to be married and the "groom" actually took off with another "male" bottle of Snapple. Who are the dumb ***** who think up this stuff, then you wonder why everybody is gay/lesbian? A continuous flow of subliminal messages and mind control. Not to mention the new show "Boy meets Boy" where gay men compete for the love of another man. Isn't there enough **** on TV to mess up the people's mind? Who the hell wants to see this? All this indecency on the TV I'd rather just keep it off, and you **** sure can't censor what your children watch when the commercials are worse than the TV shows.

    Then when yall found out the Beltway Sniper was a black man, everybody was mad as hell. I can't believe a black man would do this, he is crazy, blah blah blah. This is only because the media programmed you to be; don't you know the government owns the news you watch and they tell you what they want you to know, how they want you to know and perceive it. Or do you just not have a mind of your own cause massa broke you in so well.

    Let's look at the facts, John Allen Muhammad, forty something, Muslim, Martial Arts, Army Veteran, expert at weapons, seemingly intelligent. I mean how many of yall have the sense to operate a global positioning system [GPS], convert a car into a fighting position and target not random individuals but specific ones all around nation's capital, Bush's backyard. All of this with a young man he took under his wing, mentored and was a father figure to him. I mean he trained this boy, Malvo was **** sure disciplined, and they say responsible for most of the shooting... How many black men you see doing this, baby mammas not yo baby daddy? You really should be looking at this man in a totally different light. Yall mad cause the white man said you suppose to be mad at him. This black man had DC/VA scared as hell, yall was even scared to leave the house and carry on day-to-day activities, my man had yall shook! Now when the last time a black man had some ******** that scared. **** we better cover this one up yall, don't want no other ******* wakin up and catchin on, keep them killin each other in the ghettos not our backyard.

    I mean look all the profilers were DEAD WRONG, Babylon's so called experts. All that time went by to find out it was a black man and a young boy in a Caprice Classic not a white van. Ha, and they spent all that time locking down I-95 searching every white van on the highway. I know these pecker woods was pissed when they found out a ***** been terrorizing they *** far less than the way they have been terrorizing us for ages. Nope it wasn't a crazy country ******* with a rifle, not even Bin Laden's boys, but an intelligent black man who knew what time it was when 911 occurred. Of course they don't want the ****** wakin up and catchin on like Muhammad, what better than to discredit this black man and cover it up with lies of mind-control and brainwashing.

    What Muhammad did was timely and rightly guided and some of yall ****** should have been inspired to see a Black man finally stand up and say this ****-uation is wrong...the Black Man/Woman is god. But no yall say he took innocent lives, as did the hijackers in the 911 incidents. You tell me how many people in the WTC was innocent remember for various reasons some people did not go to work that day...were they the innocents why were they spared? WTC to me just means dirty world money, the root of all evil. I know for sure aint nobody workin for the FBI innocent, if you recall Muhammad let three people live and yall say he crazy. Right now Bush is killin Iraqis every day and yall proud of it but you don't call him crazy, that's yo President. Shame on you when judgment comes. ******** drug yo *** over here and killed many of you [oh my bad some of you say your ancestors wasn't slaves], raped you in the bottoms of ships full of feces and vomit, is that not beyond crazy? What is crazy and sick is slowly and secretly poisoning the food, water, air of people for they own evil reasons.

    Why can't a black man be that clever we have been the creators from the beginning from the peanut to the light bulb, hell this very internet you are surfin on was the creation of a BLACK MAN. You don't know it because you are the Manchurian Candidate, the ones victim of MK Ultra, being brainwashed by your uncle to think you are free in the U.S. and you can be what you want to be, **** if that's the case what is Affirmative Action for, the NAACP? Hell I aint colored I am BLACK and they are just watchers for the man...why follow and be part of an organization founded by a white woman to further control the black mind and keep it from being free. Satan sure has his team of watchdogs and you see what he does to his own people you think he care about you? Come on yall wake up, don't you feel like bustin loose of these mental are still a slave [even if you say your ancestors were not]. Take the bandaid off and let the wounds of years lynching, raping, brainwashing and oppression heal. It is said in the Holy Quran that Allah leads astray whom he choose, WE are trying to enlighten you to truth and lead you aright. Meanwhile, yo massa is at a constant plot to keep you deaf, dumb and blind as to who you are.

    Just look at Tuskegee they gave a town full of black men syphilis just to literally watch them suffer and die, they killed Bob Marley spiked him with cancer, poisoned Farrakhan now he has prostate cancer, senseless hysterectomies, Mumia in jail smiling, they bombed MOVE, we got AIDS, Sars, , blue dye, yellow dye, jet fuel in our food, and sodium hydroxide seepin into ya brain. What will it take for you to realize that they are out to kill you mentally, spiritually and physically?

    Brothers how long will you let them pimp you and your woman, strip women of their wombs needlessly to keep us from nation building, lock you up and take your manhood, treat you like a **** dog. Stop killin your brother and yourselves and deal with the real enemy...don't be skurred. The black man is god, will you live as a god or perish with the devil...

    How did the Queen go completely backwards to total buffoonery...shouldn't she be stripped of her title, "Queen"???

    Sistas support the brothas and stop baring your *** for a dollar; the man has been exploiting us for years don't exploit yourselves. Close your legs, guard your modesty and be a queen. Stop feeding your children red dyes, blue Pepsi, fast food, and other **** you cant even pronounce. If you can't read it you don't need it and please get your babies off Ritalin they don't need that **** they need some attention and a home cooked meal. Stop letting the schools raise your babies. Reclaim your roles, you were once healers, nurtures and also creators...remember?

    Nah yall aint ready for the revolution. I heard a speaker say black people don't get mad about nothing no more, AND DON'T. The white man is constantly doing **** to us to see how much we can take. Will yall ever fight back? Don't you feel like bustin loose of your ignorance? I know how it is I once was sleep, but then I woke up and now I live. I give thanks to the writings of Ital Iman I truth that yo massa won't ever reveal to you, so stop waitin for him to tell you its ok. You probably say you can't tell from my writings that I learned from Ital but ****, look at who I am talkin to, I had to stoop to your level to get you to listen all you unconscious Rastas, Jesus freaks and ghetto gangsters. If I was talkin to enlightened beings, conscious ones my rhetoric would truly be different.

    Yall constantly lookin to a white god, money god, Jesus (whether he be white, black or blue, Jesus is a MYTH), and even to little green aliens, but never to yourself. Then you believe in all this other nonsense and say WE are crazy, because we say the Black Man is god, and WE created this race of white people from an un-evolved ape species. We are talking about the coming of the Holy Mothership [Nibiru]. While you are eating your pork chop sammich and drinkin red Kool-Aid we are in the middle of the makings of the "Master Blaster Jammin" the people did not believe but the prophet's ship did come and they all watched as he left them in their ignorance. Don't say we didn't tell you so, for it is written in the Holy Book of Wonder.

    I hope someone Black is getting this for our site is bombarded with spies and agents monitoring what we have to say. A white person wrote how black people don't like to read, ha if you got this far then you can consider yourself an exception. I read somewhere else that if they do read it is no more than a page because they lose interest. Could it be something in the water or the food that is making your attention span so short, is it Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD] that your uncle has given you?

    Just something to make yall go hmmm...

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    Bringing this back up top . . .

    Another one of our good pieces of information that get's buried under current discussions but very often needs to be brought back to the front for us to read and possibly learn from.

    Peace :spinstar: