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    By Andre Austin
    This is just my opinion freelancing on the internet. Take it for what it’s worth.
    For the Black audience listening to MLK on stage in 1963 repudiating the doctrines of Interposition and nullification of White supremacist were sweet like honey to our ears but the masses lacked the precise understanding. Yes we knew it was anti-black but was void of its history and detailed effect.
    John C. Calhoun (Politician/Lawyer from South Carolina 1782-1850*) didn’t originate the doctrines of Interposition & Nullification movement he just revived it and took it to a new level and championed the interest of slave states. Likewise D.W. Griffin didn’t create the KKK in 1915 with his movie the The Birth of a nation but did resuscitate the KKK and swelled its membership rolls to the sky. The film idealized aristocracy of blue blood and rule. That the white man wore the pants and blacks must be content with a nude inferior status (Isaiah 20:4).Calhoun was a maverick and dynamic speaker with the likes of a Senator Newt Gingrich from Georgia. The South was became solidly organized under the leadership of Calhoun . he advocated that Congress had no legitimate jurisdiction over slavery or its expansion and that Abolitionist had no right to use the mail to agitate for freedom of blacks; or to use religion for their liberation because slavery was primarily a political institution. He gave up on his position of nationalism to defend slavery which was a fatal blow during wartime when centralism is needed.
    Interposition said a slave state may reject a federal mandate if it’s encroaching on its rights. Nullification said a slave state could make legally null & void a federal law held to be an infringement on a state’s sovereignty. Throughout history these I &N’s would take new shapes and forms but retain the same old song of keeping blacks at lower levels and the masses from full production of its human output.
    In 1837 gave a speech warning of the collision course of bayonets between the north & south about the economy of slave labor. He wanted the two parts of the USA to unite under slavery because coexistence was out of the question. It was conflict between labor and Capital between the Intelligent and business community vs. he wanted slavery national (in time came with the fugitive slave act) and freedom sectional and very individual. The religious sects of Abolitionists who were rejecting some parts of the Ham mythology. Abolitionists thought it morally wrong of force free labor of blacks while poor whites sat by idle. And this was the divide of poor white against black.
    Calhoun said:
    "Be assured that emancipation itself would not satisfy these fanatics; that gained, the next step would be to raise the Negroes to a social and political equality with whites; and that being effected, we would soon find the present condition of the two races reversed".
    This was still the mood of the South when Lincoln ran for president in 1860 which caused him to say in pre-election claim that blacks weren’t equal politically and socially but had a right plant a garden and eat and spend money from wages earned.[Throughout this essay keep in mind those 3 points]. When Lincoln was re-elected to a second term, and just defeated and surrendered at the Appomattox courthouse in Virginia, his last speech to a crowd was that now blacks who were literate and served in the military earned a right to vote. Listening in the audience was the 33rd degree freemason John Wilkes Booth who was now more than he was before ready to put a small pistol’s bullet to Lincoln’s head. Why? Because the doctrine of White Supremacy was coming to an end with blacks voting making them politically and socially equal but not in parity (currency level).
    Between 1865-1896 the DNA of racism along with the Ham myth mutated into new species of the Interposition & Nullification:
    Black codes
    ( no guns, no votes, limited business development can’t sue in court for money)
    Jim Crow
    (Get your black as.s in the back of the Bus)
    Vagrancy laws
    (get caught jumping the fence in an all-white area where you didn’t work=chain gang). The first chain gang was in the African forest bring slaves to ship. Now pimps collaring females.
    (a trick for peonage work to pay off debt while borrow to live now at higher prices). Blacks had no capital to operate farms and factories independently.
    Debtors prisons
    (keep us from self-assertion/determination) liens and garnishments of labor.
    acquisition was considered a threat so just mediocre lessons given
    rights basically nonexistent so back to segregation & disfranchisement
    formed in 1866 to terrorize blacks out of economic development
    Illegal Drugs
    used to keep asleep the masses from their pursuit of happiness.
    Lack of health care
    the foundation of life itself. More urban gardens need to be grown because inner city grocery stores sell outdated goods from the suburbs. Chief Justice Roberts should get the profiles in courage award in the deciding vote to uphold president Obama’s health care also giving economic liberty to those stuck with an employer pre-existing clause.
    Blacks were allowed to have funeral parlors and barbershops because the whites didn’t want to touch our nasty black bodies or our buckwheat weeds of nappy heads. Some of the whites thought the new labor system post slavery was an improvement. "The nig.gers work them plantation just the same and the white men get all the nig.gers make (wages) without the responsibility of caring for the black workers"-Trouble in mind p.136. Blacks couldn’t get ahead because we were racing against an opponent who has been swimming in the ocean of commerce for 400 years at 40 miles per hour. We have been told now we free and have been untied from the docks but we can’t even steam up a half of a nautical mile because we don’t practice group economics, sunk in debt, and can’t get out of the black mud of the abyss of debt slavery being waged against us. Whites didn’t then or now concede economic opportunity so we live under medieval civilization founded on the caste of color for the masses of the people. White society is constantly showing their hostility towards blacks to politics, lawyers, doctors but rarely a black preacher is seldom disturbed as long as he sticks to the Eurocentric version of the bible and not get caught up trying to make a harem. Some of these in black ministry is regarded as a factor in making the church a moral/civil police force to compel obedience. It’s an asset in that he keeps the flock thinking of a glorious time up yonder and forget his oppression here. So funds from whites give to religious work, sports than any other. This is why you see much alliance with athletes and church while the masses are sedated with their performances on the zombie making idiot TV box. Many black church leaders are millionaires. They may account for the 5% of blacks voting for the GOP. I wonder if they changed their oaths from republicans would their little economic kingdoms collapse?
    1896 a Supreme Court decision makes it legal to segregate blacks. Homer Plessey a mulatoe loses his case with one sane (Harlan) justice voting in his favor. Justice John Marshall Harlan (1833-1911) should have been in Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage book. Basically Harlan said the same thing John C. Calhoun said in the above quoted speech except it was just the opposite. Harlan believed blacks should have equality and rights and live in a utopia "color-blind" society because the black race may someday find itself the majority. However this color-blind race neutral racism along with post-race does nothing but maintain the status quo.
    Segregation was the law of the land until it was overthrowed by NAACP legal team in 1954 with the Brown vs. School board decision. The NAACP failed in its attempt to integrate the masses of black people in schools and trade except for small percentage of upper middle class and mixed blacks. Few blacks can share in their affairs and rituals of the Black elite who were all to hell bent on aping white society at the exclusion of their own people. Their theme for equality through higher education and political agitation wasn’t appealing to the masses of the blacks in 1920’s who were listening to the Afrocentric teachings of Marcus Garvey. The NAACP also spied on blacks for the government who opposed WWI So W.E. B Dubois working with government helped create a climate that jailed and deported Garvey. Dubois character assassinated Garvey "back to Africa" movement. Years later Dubois came to terms with Garvey and died in Africa on the eve of the 1963 Economic justice march on Washington. This is and was the divide and conquer technique of the business community controlling the government by blackmail and bank rolling their campaigns. I was amazed to read through the NT that the rift raft would in part be the craftsman (Freemasons) and the merchants (bankers) see Rev 18:22-23. In reality these are the foundation of the troublemakers that’s disturbing the economic, political and social life. They rise through secret clubs and move through public groups manipulating the course of events from head to toe. It’s kind of hard to progress when you’re fighting your own family members in your own house.
    Meanwhile, (1897-2012) the nullification and Interposition is in full effect. Southern States and states with Governors with Republican controlling politics in northern states are coming up with new and improved state laws to emasculate blacks from political and economic power:
    Jail house fees
    Privatizing prisons
    (evolved from slave branding)
    Child support debt (
    main target is black males who can’t afford the usury)
    Mangers overseers of Inner city schools & City halls with ulterior motive to supersede unions selling off public property for pennies to corporations that suck the blood of the poor.
    Voter ID
    laws evolving from Poll tax. Poor, students and elderly are the target. There is no massive voter fraud going on. What joker is going to wait in line two hours to vote in another’s person’s name. Now if you got fishing and hunting license its good enough to vote. We know that’s targeted for the benefit of a white male voter.
    Housing theft
    of people’s money in equity
    Social Security
    Thieves haven’t broken open its safe yet to rob and transfer wealth to Wall Street barons so they can gamble it in Vegas style adventures.
    Easy Gun purchasing laws/Concealed weapons
    . The Republicans and their shady business partners want to keep races, religions divided so that they can rule over the masses without giving us economic equality. Poor whites are manipulated into militia brainwashed into believing their will be a race war. In reality whenever an inane person kills in mass gun control is only subjected to inner city where the police are unwilling or unable to protect the life, liberty and property of blacks. NAACP is used to pacify blacks from riots and destroying white people’s property but never protect blacks from blacks or whites from blacks. These new gun laws for the common man like George Zimmerman evolved from slavery from the Patter-rollers (patrols) who were let loose on the blacks like they were some hogs for slaughter. When some national crisis emerge by accident or design these modern day patter-rollers will be used for nefarious purposes to advance the new states rights adventure.
    Hostile religious laws
    aimed at Muslims. The new invisible man is the Muslim who isn’t judged on his individual character but by what 19 men from Arabia did in 2001. However, opposing what the Navy seals did last year of removing the trash doesn’t help.
    So what is the prescription for more economic justice and more interracial cooperation versus racial antagonism we thought we were rid of in November of 2008 election of the first multi-racial president? What are some things the black community must do?
    Stop the destruction of the Black family. Fight against abortion and blood sacrifice of population control. We must head for growth and productivity not self-destruction.
    Eliminate the Black messiah complex. Believe it or not we unwittingly this black messiah syndrome protects the interest of white society and allows it to manipulate which black leaders will be publicly acknowledged, respected or rewarded. Institutional powers are used to discredit or remove aggressive blacks, often labeling them as radical or offensive. FBI memos talk about creating their own "Black messiah"
    Tone down teenagers from Sports and Hollywood because they are just a tiny percentage of job growth in black communities despite the reckless media public acknowledge, respect and social/economic rewards of the few over the many. This is the same flaw the NAACP had of its talented tenth coming to save the black masses. The kids don’t want to be a dentist or veterinarian they want to go chase balls and get on a mic.
    Black Churches must be more Afrocentric in its teaching of the true history and development the OT & NT with Egyptian and other cultural influences.
    Self-inflicted color discrimination against self. Some blacks are against each other based on shade color. Light vs black. I saw this tragic case played out in one of Spike Lee movie School daze with the song good and bad hair; which can be traced to the Babylonian Talmud. Mulatoes have made a great contribution to American society. They were the first to graduate from an American college (John Russwurm), first US Senator ( B.K. Bruce) first US Representative (H. R. Revels), the founder of Prince Hall Black Freemasons and last but not least the founder of the Nation of Islam (W. Fard Muhammad) and I can’t forget Booker T Washington and Fredrick Douglass both had white fathers.
    Stop the glorification of drugs in Film and on CD’s.
    Black organization should be free of being suppliants to political parties and corporations.
    Eliminate big corporations and fundamentalist and extreme political platforms from separating races and religious in a big con game to keep us divided just like the poor white and chained black was prior to the 13th Amendment.
    End the Prison industrial complex.
    Universal competitive wages agreed on an international bases.
    Dear Mr. President. Over the years the I &N laws from states have been a blow and push back of resentment of the federal government trying to help free blacks out which started out in 1865 with the freedman bureau of refugees and abandoned lands. Shortly after the Confederates founded the KKK in 1866 in the same state king was killed in.
    This is an SOS signal or a drum message. We are not all in the same boat. We blacks are in canoes unlike the Yachts the whites are swimming in. They have been going full blown speed in all the rivers, lakes and oceans in trade. What is the solution to catch up? Its economic independence and cooperation. We will never swim correctly in the mainstream until society agrees in a consensus that one group of people shouldn’t have power to determine every aspect of another group working lives. We must also cut off the snake head of Interposition and nullification. They keep shedding its skin for new life and evolving into other species of racism. This is just my humble opinion. And you know the old saying opinions are like azzz holes everyone has one and they all stink. I end with an old Negro poem:
    The Big Corporations think
    That they so so fine,
    But their dirty draws stinks
    Just like mine!
    All these bankers dressed so fine
    Their ***-holes smell just like mine
    However this may be
    I can’t take the hand of Usury you see
    Why this must be?
    My chocolate City will crush from Afro-centrity and we will never be free
    They using the 2nd amendent to get at the tenth
    This I now realize
    When this succeeds the South shall rise
    A white liberal dully appointed and anointed
    Is he still a whiteman
    You still being exploited
    While they still rule the land
    It seems to me there’s no shred of justification
    For all of this Interposition and NULLIFICATION.
    Notes: "In waging war, the Confederacy faced problems of political and government that vastly complicated its problems of economic mobilization. Always the Southerners had to struggle with the incubus of John C Calhoun, with the idea of states rights, with that fatal principle upon which their new government had been based. A confederacy formed by particularist politicians could hardly be expected to adopt promptly those centralist policies for marshaling resources and transportation which victory demanded" –Why the north won the War Edited by David Donald p.26. the south and its allies in the north learned this brutal lesson. They now move in unionisms when one state pass a cultural unwritten law or laws to suppress the black vote, or keep perpetual debt slaves and former prisoners vagabonds other states quickly follow. Their resources have been codified in the highest court of the land with Citizens United distributing funds for their divisive polices on America not for America. Basically being puppets of corporate goons.

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    “We are told, indeed, by the learned doctors of the nullification school, that color operates as a forfeiture of the rights of human nature; that a dark skin turns a man into chattel; that crispy hair transforms a human being into a four-footed beast. The master priest informs you that slavery is consecrated and sanctified by the holy scriptures of the old and New Testament; that Ham was the father of Canaan and all his posterity were doomed, by his own father to be hewers of wood and drawers of water to the descendants. The natives of Africa descent are the children of ham…slavery is no curse but a blessing.”-Memoir of the life of John Q Adams.

    Now according to the Chamber’s Biographical dictionary Calhoun “declared that a state can nullify unconstitutional laws”. Calhoun left the Nullification movement to morph it into his own theory of “states’ rights”.

    I recommend readers pick up JFK’s Profiles in Courage to see just how much Calhoun was a villain to the Blackman. If batman was for the Union then the joker would have been Calhoun for the south.

    If Brigham Young (Founder of Mormonism 1801-1877) could be aligned with a political/religious policy back in 1850 it would be aligned with the nullification movement because they believed in the Babylonian Talmud Ham/Canaan story. Brigham Young made Utah a slave state. He was an incredible racist. What's to analyze?