Black People : THE NEW I.D.

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by oldiesman, Aug 10, 2006.

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    if it's one thing that's consistant with black americans and that is we get BORED after a period of time and want something new,so with that in mind how much longer are we gonna call ourselves AFRICAN AMERICAN,let's see now we were-coloured-negro-black-afro-american,so have we finally found our identity or will this name fall out of favour as we go deeper into the new milenium?
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    If it weren't for whitey, we would have no such name. Before them we were Batwa, Mandinka, Zulu, Ibo, Dogon, Masai...etc. Or even Cherokee, Saponi, Shawnee, Seminole...We were all natural Black beings. And we have existed all over the planet. So "Black" was not a commonality worthy enough to socially bind our diverse nature.

    This brings to mind an interesting point, though; Our (suggested) comradery comes primarily from our shared experience against whitey and the long road we are (supposed to be) traveling to reclaim our identity, our freedom, and our subsequent power. Racist whites were/are racist to all Blacks. So now we believe our color, history, and perhaps our location are all that is needed to classify us. But based on many Black people's perspective that racism does not affect all Blacks, we clearly don't all maintain a similar position as it relates to whites or our position in america.

    At this point, I personally refer to us as Black bc it carries power to me. The name also differentiates Us from them in the most extreme way possible (which is always good). While I would love for all of our people to be similarly conscious, I don't consider any current murdering, lying, rapist a "brother." I think it's only bc of whites, their presence and our relationship to them, that we are expected to have this "from bondage to binding" notion.

    The multiple id's mentioned are a result of our trying to re-place ourselves after having been displaced by whites. When america folds and the world order is realized I'm sure all people will be classified by grids and the respective rank and file on which we will be located. But I think the "Black" will remain, because they have to constantly oppress Us to some degree out of envy of our direct connection to nature and The Most High. That's why Instead of it being all Blacks and a few whites, they have flipped it to where it's multiple people and then "those Blacks." So I might be referred to as a Black A4 or something. And a non-black A4 will just be called... an A4.