Chief Elder Osiris : The New Black African, One Without Shame

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    My dear beloved, what have we come to be in this world ?

    Show me a Black Woman and Man and I will show you a shameless Being, crawling around masquerading as a civilize Hue - Man Being, who cares nothing about integrity and self respect. ( There are few exceptions here )

    What kind of people is it that prefer Lies over Truths and will allow those Lies be their guide in their Lives ?

    Thinking not of how such obedience to those Lies really make us look and act toward each other.

    Africans, the Black Woman and Man, the Cosmic Carbon people of this planet, now acting out the caricature of a dancing material idolizing fool, having no shame about our appearance in and to the world.

    We have become a people of imitators rather than creators,we have become the caged Monkey of the Hue - Man Family, as we mimic the caged Monkey in ways and action, such as, caged Monkey see, caged Monkey do, depending solely on the sense of perception and sound, as they react instead of act in their cage.

    The Black African now react as a people in a Zoo cage, a people in captivity, depending entirely upon the Zoo keeper for our very survival, a people who has been reduced to having no shame.

    We desire dependency over independence, servitude over freedom and self affliction over peace and harmony and yet we want only what can be given to us and not what we can make and earn from our own action.

    As I say, the new African, rather be a soldier than a warrior.

    A soldier has no honor and is shameless, as they meekly take orders without question, but a warrior, they demand honor, and respect is demanded, by such a force, that is in command of the life being lived.

    Look at the Black African Nation, a Nation beyond being embarrassed. A Nation busy at war with ourselves, hastily committing genocide against ourselves, physically and Spiritually, killing not for peace, freedom and the desire to be happy, but for the thrill of obedience to our oppressors, getting nothing of substance in return.

    From the Caribbean's to the Congo, we act out the scenario of Monkey see, Monkey do and we do so, without shame.

    We kill each other and allow each other to be killed by others, we rather beg and borrow than make and own, we prefer servitude over freedom, we rather take orders rather be in control of the orders and yet we claim to be descendants of Queens and Kings, children of the gods.

    Such honor and respect require being in authority and control over the space we occupy, as we stand tall with dignity and pride, such is not the attributes of the New Black African, those attributes are known only to our primeval Black African Ancestors, warriors they were and soldiers they were not.

    I was born and will die a warrior and with dignity will I condemn the Lie about my mother and father of yester Time and will Elevate the Truth about my mother and father of all the Time.

    It is a Fool and a Liar who claim that there is no difference in Africa and america, Africa and Europe, Africa and Asia and the Black Fool who does, do so without shame, a true sign of the new African, one who has no shame.

    A shameless African is a ignorant African because he show no knowledge of Self and to not know the self of the Black African is not to know God, thus what you see today of the Black African, is a Nation without the knowledge of the True God.

    The new Black African who resist to participate in the call for Reparation/Repatriation and Nation State Status for the transformed AfroDescendants, is one who make no distinction between Africa and america, African and Caucasian and African and Arabs, and such is the lover of our oppressors, living under the spell of a false and concocted religion, which lead its followers through the morass of belief, faith and hope, the tools used to destruct and destroy the original Black African Civilization.

    The new Black African,living without no shame, proudly condemning the Truth and Elevate the Lie about God,Universe and our Primeval Cosmic Carbon Ancestors.

    There is no wonder why the new African, a Nation reduced to be shameless, now has become the butt of all jokes coming from the Hue - Man Family, not to be taken seriously again, not until the Warrior nature rise once again from the Heart and Spirit of the original Black African.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation